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David Hernandez

Actually, I Have More to Say About This David Hernandez Thing


So I wrote yesterday about how American Idol contestant David Hernandez used to dance fully nude at gay strip clubs. And I also wrote about how the American Idol producers were all like, “Yeah, that’s okay with us, it was just his job, no biggie.”

And at first I was all like, “Yeah, that’s all good. I don’t think it’s a big deal either.”

And then I’m driving to my friend’s house to play Guitar Hero (that’s my new obsession) and I’m just in my car, drinking my Red Bull, enjoying my life, and all of a sudden I’m like, “Holy shit. What about Frenchie Davis?”

Frenchie, if you’ll recall, was the fan favorite booted from American Idol in 2003 after producers learned she’d posed for topless photos on a racy website. At the time, Frenchie was all like, “Dude, I was doing it to pay for college,” but the producers at Fox were all like, “We don’t care. You’re out.”

I interviewed Frenchie on camera at an event in Hollywood about six months ago. Before the interview began, her publicist pulled me aside and was like, “Whatever you do, do not ask her about American Idol. Don’t even say the words. She doesn’t want to talk about it.” So obviously it’s still a sore subject. (And, for the record, the interview started off really rough — she was guarded and rude and I hated her — but once it became clear that I was not going to make her talk about American Idol, she was a total sweetheart and we had a great time. It turns out her best friend is Eva Pigford — the ANTM winner — and she told me this really cute story about how Frenchie had to move out of her NYC apartment on short notice but was really busy with auditions and shows, so Eva came over while she was gone and packed up her entire apartment for her. That’s a true friend.)

So why is David’s stripper past a non-issue, while Frenchie’s topless photos were cause for expulsion?

When the nude photos of Antonella Barba surfaced last season, this same issue came up. But I get the difference. Antonella took those pictures privately and they leaked, whereas Frenchie’s pictures were taken for pay and public consumption. But I don’t get the difference here. Both David and Frenchie got naked for pay. Professionally. And legally, I might add.

Why is David’s past somehow more palatable for the producers? Is it more acceptable for men to take their clothes off for money? I demand an explanation.

Who’s Coming with Me to Dick’s Cabaret?

David Hernandez Being a Male Gay Stripper at Burn and Dick’s Cabaret, Pictures, Photos

Those of you who don’t read this blog regularly may not be aware that I am currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I have been taken to my parents’ house for safekeeping.

I lived in the Phoenix area for the first 20 years of my life, and I had NO IDEA that they had male strip clubs here.

But they do!

And David Hernandez, of American Idol fame, used to work at one. Well, several.

A former boss confirmed that the singer, who sailed through voting last week thanks to a raved-about rendition of “Papa Was a Rolling Stone,” once worked as a male stripper at a Phoenix nightclub.

Gordy Bryan, manager of the innuendo-laden Dick’s Cabaret, told the Associated Press that Hernandez stripped down fully nude during his performances and also gave lap dances to the club’s “mostly male” patrons.

“He had the look and the type that people like, so he made pretty good money here,” Gordy said, adding that Hernandez worked at the club for roughly three years, shimmying off the dance floor for good Sept. 30 in anticipation of his TV debut.

So whatever. The dude worked in a gay strip club. Big whoop. That’s not a scandal.

Also: they may think it’s a gay strip club, but it’s about to get very straight, when I call up all my Phoenix girlfriends and crash the place tonight. Rebecca? Saranden? Tiffy? Kate? I know a bunch of you are in town for Ashley’s wedding (congrats Ash!!!). If you’re in Phoenix, and you have my phone number, call it: you’re coming with me to Dick’s Cabaret. How did we not know about this shit when we were in high school???