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Ricky Gervais And David Bowie: A Friendship Based On Sarcasm

ricky gervais 1980s

Ricky Gervais bragged about his friendship with David Bowie in the latest issue of GQ, and I don’t blame him. If I was friends with David Bowie, I would make sure that everyone knew about it. I would be tweeting that shit nonstop. And judging from the above photo of Gervais from the 1980′s when he was in a new wave band, he’s clearly been a Bowie fan for a while, and being his friend is probably a little bit of a dream come true. So yeah, Mr. Gervais talked about his friendship with The Bowie, and it sounds like a match made in sarcasm heaven. From GQ via NME:

[On what they talk about] Music and comedy…I think I might have said what a huge fan I was. And I think he liked my stuff…I got him to do a little thing in Extras. I remember we went round his flat, and it’s exactly as you’d expect it to be – just beautiful and tasteful and modern, and there’s this wonderful statue. And I went, ‘Oh, that’s amazing’.

The first time he buzzed me in [to his flat], the concierge called up and said, “Mr Jones?” Of course he’s Mr. Jones! He’s not fucking David Bowie! I met David Jones. [Bowie's legal name is David Robert Jones.]

He’s been a musical hero of mine for 30 years. When I called him up [to guest star on Gervais' Extras] and I’d written ‘Little Fat Man’, I said, ‘Have you got the lyrics?’ and he went, “Yeah.” I said, ‘Can you do something quite retro, like ‘Life on Mars?’?’ And he went [deadpan], “Oh, of course, yeah, sure. I’ll knock off a quick ‘Life On Mars?’, shall I?

OH, BOWIE! Aside from hanging out with Gervais, Mr. David Robert Jones is doing pretty well for himself. His latest album is a hit, even if some Catholics are mad at him.

Here’s the video for the “Little Fat Man” segment Gervais mentioned.


Catholic League Super Pissed At David Bowie For His New Video; Calls Him “Juvenile”

david bowie the next day music video

David Bowie‘s new album, The Next Day, has gotten great acclaim and given him a huge career boost. Everyone seems to love it and he’s been cranking out the music videos. One starred Tilda Swinton. This latest one, for the track “The Next Day”, features Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman and lots of Jesus imagery that is pissing off some Catholics. The video was apparently so intense and offense that it was briefly taken off of YouTube. It’s back up now with this warning:

This video has been age-restricted based on our Community Guidelines

LOL seriously? It’s like Madonna‘s “Like A Prayer” music video scandal all over again, except that was in 1989 and on MTV. I mean really, come on, YouTube.

jumanji what year is it meme

Anyway. The Catholic League is mad at David Bowie. Lord Carey, Archbishop, thinks he’s immature for making this video. From The Telegraph:

The former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey poured scorn on an attempts by David Bowie to attract controversy by posing as Jesus in his new video – questioning whether he would have been so willing to offend Muslims.

He urged Christians to “rise above” the “juvenile” promotion for the single The Next Day, adding: “I doubt that Bowie would have the courage to use Islamic imagery – I very much doubt it.”

Other Christian commentators dismissed the move as “desperate” adding that, rather than leaving them shocked, it confirmed that Christianity is still important.

The video was temporarily pulled from YouTube, seemingly because of its controversial content.

But the website quickly moved to reinstate it, insisting it had been taken down in error – although adding an adult only rating.

There’s nothing in this video that you haven’t seen in The Da Vinci Code. There’s a pale priest flogging himself. Okay and also Gary Oldman plays a priest and punches a guy in the face. That definitely wasn’t in The Da Vinci Code.

I think Marion Cotillard is playing a prostitue and Bowie is some sort of Jesus. Other images include dismembered eyeballs being served on a plate, bishops appearing to pay for sex, a topless spooky woman with gold nipples, Cotillard + Stigmata, and David Bowie being whipped by a group of people. It’s really just another Thursday night at Iggy Pop’s house.

At the end of the video Bowie breaks the 4th wall when he says pleasantly, “Thank you, Gary, Thank you, Marion. Thank you everybody.”

See more stills from the video in the gallery.

David Bowie Awesomes His Way To Number One

david bowie cigarette

David Bowie‘s album The Next Day has hit the #1 spot in the UK charts. It is the first time Sir Bowie has had a #1 record in 20 years. David Bulging Tights Bowie could easily take the #1 slot in the USA as well, but he’ll have to fight Jon Bon Jovi to get it. Seriously.  David Hunky Freakin’ Dory Bowie and Bon Jovi are the top selling artists. Cue this:

robin williams meme

NO BUT REALLY, I’m psyched over this even though the Jov will likely beat Mr. Bowie, according to the Atlantic Wire:

Though the final lineup for next week’s Billboard 200 won’t be released until Wednesday, the data point to Bon Jovi selling around 90,000 albums and topping US charts with its latest album, “What About Now.” Pending any last minute surge in sales — topping the charts in the UK certainly can’t hurt his chances — David Bowie’s expected to slide into second place having sold a respectable 80,000 copies of his latest. This would still be a big win, since the best Bowie’s ever done in the US is a number three hit with his 1976 album “Station to Station.”

The Bowie is so over touring, but there’s been chatter of the possibility. Says his wife, Iman,

We have a 12 year old in school, so we are stuck, we can’t travel. Our schedule is around her, so I don’t know. We’ll have to go visit him, but we won’t be on tour with him because she’s in school. (viaHuffington Post.)

To me that sounds like she’s shooting down the idea but to others it sounds like she’s suggesting it’s happening. SO WHO KNOWS.


tilda swinton david bowie

Yes, It’s Another David Bowie Post

david bowie black white

David Bowie is back after ten years and I’m obviously really excited about it. So is Noel Gallagher of Oasis who said Bowie’s new record “blew his mind.” Anyone remember when Oasis was dubbed “The New Beatles”? LOL FOREVER AND MORE.

NME asked Mr. Gallagher what he thought of Sir Bowie’s latest album, The Next Day:

It’s great to hear his voice singing something new. The more you hear Where Are We Now? [the first single] the better it gets. The video’s mad – like his f-cking cat directed it.

Perfect description of the video, which freaks me out to no end. Gallagher is psyched by the idea of established artists producing new work that excites people.

If you had turned on the news and it had said, ‘David Bowie is to do a f-cking series of concerts next year,’ everyone would have gone, ‘Oh great, can’t wait, that’s it, let’s talk about something else.’ But we’re still talking about that song. New music and records rule, but reunions for gigs are shit, you know.

So I guess that means we won’t see an Oasis reunion anytime soon.

Here’s the creepy video for Sir Bowie’s first single, Where Are We Now?

And for a palate cleanser, here’s a gif of someone putting a kitten on David Bowie’s head.

david bowie gif kitten

David Bowie’s New Album Available For Free On iTunes

david bowie the next day album cover

David Bowie’s latest album, The Next Day, is available for free on iTunes two weeks ahead of its release date. It’s streaming only but you can pre-order it for $13.99. This is Bowie’s first album in 10 years.

The album cover is his “Heroes” album cover but with “Heroes” crossed out and a big white box with the title covering his face. This is the kind of crappy photoshop that I do and I think it’s brilliant. Like, eff it, no one buys real albums anymore anyway, it’s all digital, don’t bother to shoot a cover, let’s spend as little time as possible. I can picture Bowie doing this himself on Paintbrush on his Mac. Not even on Photoshop. Because he’s tired and Iman keeps saying, “David, come to bed” and Photoshop keeps crashing because he hasn’t cleared space on his computer in a long time because he’s David Effing Bowie.

The Next Day comes out on March 12th. You can check it out here.

david bowie labyrinth jareth goblin king gif

David Bowie And Tilda Swinton Play Husband And Wife In New Music Video

david bowie music video tilda swinton stars

David Bowie just released a new music video for his latest single, The Stars [Are Out Tonight], in which he and Tilda Swinton play husband and wife, and that is so awesome my head is going to explode. Ms. Swinton has long been compared to Sir Bowie, so it’s really inspired casting and they’re both great, and everyone should be really happy that this is happening.

The video, which is almost like a short film, is directed by Floria Sigismondi. The premise is that Bowie and Swinton, who in the video with her wig and makeup looks verrrrrry similiar to Bowie’s first wife, Angela Bowie, are a superstar couple who are stalked by a glamorous David Lynch-y couple. Weirdness ensues. There are also Bowie references abound and an incredible Bowie lookalike is prominently featured, played by female fashion model Iselin Steiro.

It’s a very bizarre video, lush and colorful and yet creepy and odd. Just watch it, m’kay?

The single is from Bowie’s album The Next Day, and it comes out on March 11th in the UK and March 12th in the USA.


David Bowie To Release New Single

bowie war general painting

David Bowie, one of the greatest musicians/performers/songwriters to ever live, period, is set to release his second single off of his upcoming album, The Next Day. This is a big deal because David Bowie is awesome.

Also this is the first new music he’s released in a long time. His most recent album, Reality, came out in 2003. To put this in perspective in 2003 I was psyched to get pink Ugg boots for my birthday.

The single, titled The Stars (Are Out Tonight) will drop February 26th. The first single released from The Next Day is Where Are We Now? and it has a very Berlin trilogy sound. The Berlin triology refers to the three Bowie albums Low, “Heroes”, and Lodger. Now you have trivia you can use that will impress at least four people in the entire world. He also released an accompanying music video that is creepy and not something I ever want to watch again. If you want to watch it, you can see it at the source. The Next Day will be released on March 12th (in the USA).

Words cannot express how I feel, so here’s some Bowie gifs.

david bowie sing

david bowie clapping

bowie dancing lolz gif

david bowie black white