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Daisy De La Hoya

Is This Tommy Lee’s New Squeeze?

You might recognize this paragon of class as Daisy de la Hoya, from Rock of Love 2. It’s kind of hard to tell it’s her, because her middle finger is covering most of her absurdly Botoxed lips, which are her most recognizable feature. In fact, the lips on her face are almost better covered here than the lips between her legs. She’s just that much of a lady. But I digress.

Rumor has it that Daisy’s been dating rocker Tommy Lee recently, after previously being attached to Dave Navarro.

Meanwhile, Pamela Anderson has struck up a new relationship with a member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family. I wonder if she feels at all threatened by this new relationship. I doubt it.

Isn’t Abu Dhabi where Garfield was always trying to send poor Nermal? Also: that is the one and only thing I know about Abu Dhabi. Yup, that’s it. If someone were like, “Name one thing about Abu Dhabi or I’ll kill you” I would be like “IT WAS WHERE GARFIELD ALWAYS TRIED TO SEND NERMAL!!!” and then if they were like “Okay name one more thing about Abu Dhabi or I’ll still kill you” I’d be like “PAMELA ANDERSON IS REPORTEDLY DATING A MEMBER OF ITS ROYAL FAMILY!” and then if the mean person were like “If you can name a third thing about Abu Dhabi I’ll let you go, otherwise you die” then I would just have to die. Because we would have exhausted the list of things I know about Abu Dhabi.


Pamela should send Daisy to Abu Dhabi.