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Crystal Renn

Love It or Leave It: Crystal Renn’s New Look

A photo of Crystal Renn

Yes, that’s Crystal Renn, former plus-size model and current … I don’t know. She’s a model, ok? You might be more familiar with the look that Crystal has had for the majority of her career: dark hair, not anything about the size thing. But this is a brand new Crystal Renn! It’s new! It’s edgy! It includes white eyebrows!

From People:

“People can’t believe the transformation. I had black hair and now I have white hair,” Renn tells PEOPLE. “That’s what’s so exciting. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to show up as a different canvas at a shoot. It’s a very extreme look but very beautiful. Though it’s nothing conventional.”

After undergoing multiple dying sessions to bring her hair color from mahogany to icy blonde, Renn admits, “It’s a challenging look. But what’s wonderful is it’s something that photographs beautifully.”

In fact, she’s already done one photo shoot as a tragic Marilyn Monroe figure, but Renn says she’s not going for the blonde beach babe vibe. “I’m not trying to conform to one certain look,” she says. “I look up to someone like Tilda Swinton. She’s the fashion icon. She experiments and that keeps life fun.”

So what do you think? Personally, I tend to favor darker hair (and don’t even get me started on the gingers), and the white eyebrows are a little startling, but I could see where this kind of look could photograph nicely. Plus, she said she looks up to Tilda Swinton, so there’s no real way I could say anything bad about her now.

And now you go! Here, I’ll even give you a close-up so you can check it out more closely:

A photo of Crystal Renn


Crystal Renn, the “Plus-Sized” Model, Does the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

photo of crystal renn sports illustrated 2012 pictures photos pics
You guys know Crystal Renn? We’ve talked about her a bit here before. If not, Crystal, meet the readers; readers, meet Crystal. Crystal is a former plus-sized model who’s run the gamut of sizes ranging from 00 to 16. Most recently, she’s settled at a size “six or eight,” where she feels most comfortable. And I agree – there’s nothing more amicable than splitting the difference, right?

Well a lot of people are up in arms because Crystal Renn isn’t-but-is still considered plus-size. She most recently posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and talked about her weight fluctuations and how there “are very few” sixes and/or eights floating around the fashion world:

“I have been a double-zero to a 16 even, for a bit. Now to settle at a [size] six or an eight, it’s a really interesting place to be, because there are very few sixes or eights.”

“There’s a woman at SI who’s made it a point to make sure that the models are healthy. They’re not interested in who’s the thinnest model of them all, they’re about the girl. We all have different bodies. There’s not one type that’s idealized.”

Renn also noted that she’s got a great outlook on body image. “I felt comfortable with my body. I’ve been doing yoga for a while now. That makes you aware of how your body moves. I have found a place of stability when it comes to how to view my figure.”

Before we go into it, though, let’s look at Crystal as a size 00, shall we?:

photo of crystal renn pictures skinny photos pics
And then here’s a photo of her at size 16:

photo of crystal renn fat pictures photos pics
See, the thing about Crystal Renn is, though, that she’s 5’9″. And that’s good for someone of her dimensions, if she is a six or an eight. The SI spread looks pretty Photoshopped, so it’s really hard to tell whether or not she is what they’re portraying her to be, but I’d consider her to be very (beautifully) average. Kind of amazing, if you will. There’s no sign of protruding sternum bones and there’s no sign of sag – not that there’s anything wrong with a little sag; it’s just that for someone who was once a 00 and entered into the 16 range, only to drop half of her size, it’s a little surprising that she looks as … tight as she does. She looks great.

There’s a lot of people out there, though, who are flaming Crystal because she turned tail and lost weight from her once-size 16 and they’re saying that she sold out to the fashion industry and isn’t representative of a “real” woman because of it.

What we have here is obviously a woman who’s struggled with her weight for a very long time, and I think to tell her that she’s anything but beautiful – you’re too fat! you’re too thin! – is just encouraging dangerous behavior one way or the other. Can we please just let Crystal Renn be? You know, just the way that she is?

Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Isn’t Exactly Plus-Sized Anymore and People Are Pissed

photo of crystal renn weight loss pictures

Remember Crystal Renn, the plus-sized model who was famous for not giving a fuck about what people thought of her and her beautiful, robust figure?

If not, here’s a brief recap on who she is – Renn was a fashion model who formerly suffered from anorexia. After going through therapy and treatment, Renn went from a wicked unhealthy size 00 to a size 12, which is pretty average in your day-to-day people, but way plus-sized, according to the fashion world.

Since her days of being prized for a size 12 fashion model, Crystal has lost some weight and has dropped to a size 8. Still pretty ‘large’ for a haute couture model, but statistically less than what the US considers an average woman. Naturally, because she’s lost some weight, plus-size supporters are coming forward to claim that Renn is falling back into her old ways, and is ‘ashamed’ of being plus-size. Renn had this to say:

“I think that by placing a title on my head, which is ‘plus-size,’ and then the picture that these people have created in their mind about what plus-size actually is, I’ve basically failed [your expectations] just with that.”

Renn also states that if she tried to live up to the plus-size standard to which she was accustomed to earlier in the year, she’d have another load of issues to contend with:

“I would have to have another eating disorder to live up to that expectation. I had anorexia because someone else set the standard for me and I wanted to follow it. … If I followed what the public wanted from me. I’d be doing the same thing. I’d have a binge eating disorder.”

I know there’s a lot of joking around on the site about Khloe Kardashian being Sasquatch and Jennifer Love Hewitt having big legs, but seriously, eating disorders are no joke, on either end of the spectrum, and none of us ACTUALLY care if you’re a size 00 or a size 28, as long as you’re fucking healthy. Really – if you or someone you know is having problems with both their emotional and physical health, there’s help and support groups out there, so don’t suffer alone – take advantage, guys.

Crystal Renn is hot no matter how you slice it, and she should own it – no matter what anyone says, joking or not.