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Courtney Love

Courtney Love Offers Valuable Advice to Amanda Bynes

amanda bynes

Courtney Love has had her share of… trouble, shall we say. Years and years of drug abuse and insanity have led us to the pinnacle of LOL: she’s offering advice to Amanda Bynes, now herself in full meltdown mode.

The Hole rocker took to Twitter (because of course she did) to offer some pearls of wisdom to the police officer rejecting, model citizen beauty queen that is Amanda. Of course, Amanda didn’t take it too well and responded by calling Love the ugliest woman she’s ever seen (LOL) before swiftly deleting it. Then Alyssa Milano (???) got involved and offered to team up with Love for a Bynes intervention. I don’t even know anymore, but here are some tweets:

I don’t even know anymore. I truly don’t.

Courtney Love Sticks Up For LeAnn Rimes, Will Beat Brandi Glanville’s Ass If Need Be

leann rimes courtney love

In what may be the strangest Twitter exchange in ages, Courtney Love has risen from her drug tomb to stick up for LeAnn Rimes after she got into another spat with Brandi Glanville. Here’s how it went down, Brandi complained via a tweet that she couldn’t get a hold of her kids, so LeAnn responded with some hippie bullshit and then Courtney piped up out of nowhere offering to whoop somebody’s ass if they didn’t leave her alone. Oh, and Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 got in on the action. Yeah, I don’t know, either.

First of all, props to LeAnn for using a spat with Brandi to promote new music… which will invariably suck, but can’t knock the hustle. Second of all, da fuck, Rob Thomas? Where the hell did you even come from? What are you doing, man? Third of all, Courtney Love is a queen and was probably high off her ass writing this, but I love her anyway. The end.

Courtney Love Is (Intentionally) Funny In An Ad For Electronic Cigs

courtney love smoking cigarette njoy

Courtney Love stars in an ad for NJOY brand electronic cigarettes and it’s effing brilliant. From NJOY’s YouTube page:

Singer-songwriter, actress, and style icon, Courtney Love stars in the first webisode of NJOY New Media’s web series. Courtney’s letting every non-smoker know to just “effing relax”. This playful parody webisode is inspired by a real-life experience of Courtney’s, ultimately showing that smokers now have a choice to take a “puff” indoors.

I’m glad she found something to do instead of hate on Gwen Stefani.

Watch it.


Courtney Love Hates Gwen Stefani

photo of courtney love and gwen stefan pictures
Go figure, Courtney Love hates somebody and is throwing them under the bus for being more successful than her. From ABC News:

“Funny thing, you know, I would’ve never really bet on Gwen,” she said. “Not back in the day.” Love attributed Stefani’s success — her “f**king empire” of a clothing line, L.A.M.B. — to her husband Gavin Rossdale, whom Love said she dated before he got together with Stefani.

“His band never did that well but he is very, very smart,” she said. “He runs the Gwen show, that’s him. He runs the clothing line, he f**king built that up, he has nothing else to do.”

She smiled, shuffling through her purse for a lighter, remembering her relationship with Rossdale. “He was so good looking, but I kind of envisioned that me and Gavin Rossdale would end up on the French Riviera, like, taking tennis lessons and f**king our respective polo teachers.”

Can it be a testament to how good of a person I must be to take Gwen Stefani’s side on this one? Because most of you guys know my feelings about Gwen Stefani, and it’s got to be that I just dislike Courtney Love that much that I’d be willing to support a lady who I think is generally full of shit in most cases.

That being said … shut the f-ck up, Courtney Love. No one cares what you have to say anymore.

Courtney Love And Frances Bean’s Touching Holiday Exchange

A photo of Courtney Love and Frances Bean

As we all know, Courtney Love is way embarrassing. She’s embarrassing to herself, and she’s especially embarrassing to her poor daughter, Frances Bean. For instance, remember that time earlier this year that Courtney accused Dave Grohl of trying to seduce Frances Bean on Twitter, and the poor girl just suggested that she be banned from the internet?

Well, even with all those hard, awkward times, it looks like Frances and Courtney can still reach into their hearts to share the holiday cheer. Here’s something that Courtney tweeted yesterday:

And Frances Bean’s loving response:

And Courtney’s reaction:

Now didn’t that just warm your heart?

Courtney Love Has a Clothing Line Now

photo of courtney love pictures fashion line photos
It’s hard to believe, but there’s actually a piece here on Evil Beet that’s not completely bashing Courtney Love for Twitter rants, pathetic wagon dismounts, or twenty-year-old conspiracy theories as to how or why she killed her late husband, Kurt Cobain. I’m telling you right now, such a thing exists (hint: you’re reading it right this very moment). Courtney Love created a fashion line, and it’s not terrible.

It includes pieces like this, which is actually … God, I can’t believe I’m even saying this … kind of nice:

photo of courtney love pictures
Right? I mean, it’s not like everyday workwear or anything like that, but then again, high fashion really isn’t supposed to be. It’s supposed to be “art” more than anything, and while I think Courtney Love is generally a ranting, raving bag of batshit craziness, I have to say: the girl can create pretty things.

Check the rest of the photos out in the gallery.

Do You Want to Work for Courtney Love?

A photo of Courtney Love

Let me just answer that question for you real quick: f-ck no, you do not want to work for Courtney Love. And if for some strange reason you do want to work for Courtney Love, then please just take a moment to reevaluate your entire life. And after that, never work for Courtney Love.

Listen, we all know that she’s crazy. It’s not a secret, it’s not a surprise. Courtney is wacked, and that extends to all areas of her life. If you don’t believe that, then check this out: she’s getting sued by her former assistant, Jessica LaBrie. But why? Many reasons!

- Courtney wanted her to hire a computer hacker.

- Courtney also wanted her to forge some legal documents.

- Jessica was hired as an assistant and also a “forensic research aide,” which sounds totally legit. She was supposed to be paid $30 an hour, and Courtney made her work 60-hour weeks with no overtime. Bitch.

- Courtney promised to pay Jessica’s college tuition, but she never did *frowny face*.

- Another empty promise: Courtney told her that she’d get her a job on the set of Nirvana biopic.

Poor Jessica. She worked for Courtney for 13 months before she quit, and now she’s officially suing her for “alleged wrongful termination, failure to pay wages and overtime, negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” The wrongful termination part seems weird, because she definitely quit. Maybe you can sue someone for wrongful termination if you don’t get paid? I don’t know. All I do know, really, is that I’m impressed by and suspicious of this Jessica character. Good for her for making it a whole year as Courtney’s assistant, but how did she expect it to turn out?

I’ll answer that last question for you too: she probably expected it to turn out great for her, because she’s releasing a tell-all about Courtney that’s charmingly titled Get Me A Xanax. Whatever works, I guess.