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Cori Rist

Heyyyyy You Guys Guess Who’s Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring?

Elin Nordegren

Here’s a hint: She’s one of a handful of beautiful women in the country who didn’t help Tiger Woods cheat on his wife.

That’s right!

It’s Tiger Woods’ wife!

Elin Nordegren was spotted out in public with her Tiger-spawn, little Sam Woods, but without the wedding ring and engagement band she typically wears. She doesn’t seem to be so into Tiger’s announcement that he’s quitting (and killing!) golf to focus on being a better husband. And I say good for her! I’m not exactly sure where I’d draw the “possibility of forgiveness” line with a cheating husband, but I think I’d put it somewhere before the eleven mistresses line. OK Magazine is acting like she’s train-wreck because onlookers said that “she looks bone-thin.” Ummmm, she’s a swimsuit model, you guys. It’s like her whole entire job to look bone-thin.

Meanwhile, one of Tiger’s mistresses, Cori Rist, had a little sobbing break-down on the Today Show yesterday (around the 7:00 mark in the vid below) as she talked about how she’s not a giant whorebag and she’s not like “all those other girls” and she really, really wants to set a good example for her son. You do that, of course, by going on the Today Show and talking about your affair with a high-profile married man. She says she wants to set the record straight, because people are claiming she’s a prostitute, but really you can do that just fine by issuing what we like to call a “press release.” An alternative is to wander around the talk-show circuit discussing the intimate details of your non-whorebag relationship with a married man. Which, exactly, do you think is better for your young son, Cori?