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Colette Carr

If You Thought Ke$ha Was Harmless, Please Watch This

When Ke$ha first hit the scene, I think the consensus was “whatever.” You know, so what if the blond girl who can’t sing wants to have a song on the radio? How’s it going to hurt? This is how it’s going to hurt.

This is Colette Carr. I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice girl, so don’t get it twisted. I don’t have a problem with Colette Carr, I have a problem with Colette Carr making “music”. The video above (NSFW!) features the Malibu-raised (aka RICH) Colette basically ripping off Ke$ha’s whole bit, and not even doing it better. “Bitch Like Me” lacks the campy fun of TikTok, and frankly, seeing this little blond girl say such unclever things in such a shocking way is appalling. If this is where music is headed, then please shoot me.

Colette, typically, doesn’t give a fuck about what we think of her music. She’s been quoted as saying, “I’m not worried about how people will respond. I’m creating original music and that’s what really matters to me you know? I’m making music because I love it. Not to impress anyone. I really just love the music.” Not trying to impress? Well, duh.