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Travie McCoy Interviews Gabe Saporta, And Other Reasons I Love My Life

A photo of Gabe Saporta and Travie McCoy

You can find the interview here in all its glory, but I believe my favorite part was when Travie asked Gabe what would happen in a fight between Justin Bieber and the Jonas Brothers.  Gabe answered correctly, stating

Dude, Bieber would own all the JoBros with one arm tied behind his back. Bieber’s from the streets; he ain’t nevah scurred. Their purity rings wouldn’t stand a chance against his skills. And he’d have no remorse either.

Amen, Gabe Saporta.  Bieber 4 Lyfe.

While I love this interview, really I just wanted a reason to talk about what I’ve been up to in recent days, and that is road-tripping my ass off to get to a Cobra Starship show in Atlanta.  That happened Monday night, and let me just tell you that if you don’t love Cobra Starship, then I don’t know what else you’re doing in your life.  From the band’s origins to the ways they spend their free time now that they’re kind of famous, they are clearly superior to the vast majority of popular bands today.

Travie McCoy also played, and he had a surprise guest:  T-Pain. Apparently they did a song together on Travie’s new album, but I’m not sure because when he came out, I was promptly shoved about two feet forward and I felt like I should stop listening for a minute to introduce myself to the girl whose ass I was all up on.  3OH!3 was there too, and they were fun, but my friend passed out about three songs in and had to be carried over the barrier, so I left to check on her.  Also, some tall douchebag next to me kept fist-pumping and kept elbowing my head, so I was kind of over it.

For Cobra Starship I slipped back in to a more tame part of the crowd, and I threw my fangs up like it was my job.  Because Cobra Starship is amazing. Have you learned yet?

Don’t Worry, Gabe Saporta Is Still Pretty Awesome

Gabe Saporta, lead singer of the spectacular band Cobra Starship, has recently gotten some heat from his behavior at a concert (see above video, then go ahead and keep watching for “Snakes on a Plane”).  In the video, he attacks a heckler, beginning the conversation with “Yo, fat boy giving me the finger, what’s your problem?” and he ends it with “go the fuck home, go look at pictures of your mom and jack off,” and he says all kinds of things in between.

Saporta defends his actions in his blog, where he wrote

It’s also insane to me that people can expect an artist to not be prone to the same fluctuations in emotion and mood that everyone else succumbs to. Having different emotions is what makes us human. And just because I’m on stage, doesn’t mean that I’m not a person. I am not better than anyone, and I am thus susceptible to the same emotional volatility that anybody else is (arguably, even more so). I never go on stage and put on an act; I go on stage, lose all my inhibitions, and become who I am.

And I don’t know why this seems like it’s a news flash to anyone, but ummm…. I’m not exactly the most peaceful guy in the world, for better or for worse.

I always speak my mind, and I have a sharp tongue. I’m full of love and gratitude for my brothers and sisters who support us and save us from having to work shitty jobs in order to do what we love (music). But I also have no place in my heart for dudes who only want to tear us down and hurt the thing we work hardest towards everyday with all our hearts.

He goes on to acknowledge that he “acted like an asshole,” but that he’s not sorry.

I love Cobra Starship.  So, so much.  And when I first heard about the video and when I watched it, I was a little upset, but after reading Gabe’s blog entry and considering it, I’m not so upset anymore.  We can’t see what the guy was doing in the audience, but it was obviously enough to catch attention from on stage, so it can’t have been too mild.  And regardless of rather Gabe’s actions were right or wrong, they’re not surprising – with lyrics like “I’m not street but I do what I gotta do” and song titles like “I May Be Rude But I’m the Truth,” you kind of know what you’re getting into.

What do you guys think?  Is Gabe Saporta a total douchebag or what?  Do you guys even like Cobra Starship?

Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Crying Over How Much I Love Taylor Swift

Ummmmm, is there anything conceivably more awesome than Taylor Swift hanging out of a cab singing this version of West Side Story’s “Tonight” as a teaser for the VMA Awards? I think not. MTV hit it out of the ballpark with this one.

There’s a matching — although less phenomenally amazing — teaser featuring Cobra Starship (nice to see them getting some much-deserved attention) and Leighton Meester:

This is all a great start to the awards show. In general, though, everyone’s just going to have to work really, really hard to compensate for the fact that, through forces of nature I will never understand, Russell Brand is being allowed to host again this year. Whatever. Better than Dane Cook, anyway.

And Another One from Leighton Meester!

It’s the battle of the Gossip Girl actresses-turned-singers!

Not only is Taylor Momsen’s band, Pretty Reckless, signed to a huge record and management deal, but now we have a second single out of Leighton Meester — kind of. Leighton’s featured on the new Cobra Starship single, “Good Girls Go Bad.” Her bit starts around 1:15. I gotta admit — this is a hot track. A really hot track, and I expect it’ll explode this summer. It’s trending heavily on Twitter right now, and that’s probably just the first sign that we’re gonna be hearing a lot more of this song.

Dude. Blake Lively. WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR SINGLE? Get on top of that, girl. You’re losing ground here.