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Christina Applegate

1Quotables: Christina Applegate Just Took Off the Maternity Jeans

photo of christina applegate pictures

“I just transitioned out of maternity jeans. I’m working on two years and I haven’t even lost all my weight. And those girls that do, they’re spending less time with their kids. I just wanted to hang out with my daughter 24 hours a day. … I will not be Tweeting photos of me in a bikini, let alone wear a bikini I think ever again in my life. … I know girls that just genetically it just drops off. I didn’t mean to offend the skinny people.”

Christina‘s talking about the baby—her baby—who was born in January of 2011, which is pretty refreshing when you think about it. You’ve got celebrities out there who drop the baby weight in unrealistic time frames (like, you know, ten days postpartum), and then you’ve got women who take it off gradually, and in some cases, not at all. I heard this thing once, and I don’t know if it’s true or if it’s an old wives tale, but “they” say that for as long as it takes your body to gestate a fetus, it takes twice, and in some cases, three times, as long for the woman’s body to return to “normal,” and by “normal,” I mean physically, mentally, emotionally, hormonally … you get the idea.

Anyway. I guess what I’m saying is “Good on you, Christina Applegate, for doing you and not really worrying all to much about what anyone else thinks.” I love when that kind of thing happens.

September 27, 2012 at 6:30 am by Sarah
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2Quotables: Christina Applegate Says Beautiful Words About Her Baby

A photo of Christina Applegate at the Late Show With David Letterman

“Just that moment, pulling her out and I dropped my gown which I don’t do. This part of my body is very private to me [her chest]…that’s a real private place. A place that I don’t have a good relationship with, let’s say. But at that moment of pulling her out and I just tore that thing [gown] off. There’s a room full of people that I don’t know. Nurses and doctors. And she and I just laid there. It was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

-Christina Applegate discussing the birth of her daughter.

This is probably my uterus talking, but I’m in tears over here. This quote is from today’s episode of EllenCelebitchy has excerpts from the interview – and if you’re sensitive, it will nestle into your heart and never leave. If you have some free time this afternoon and feel like having a good cry, I seriously suggest you tune into the show, and if you need more incentive, here’s a bonus baby quote: “I’ve been kind of sad for a long time, and she’s just opened my whole soul.”  Can you even stand it?

Oh, and just in case there are any newbies here, let’s review some Celebrity Gossip 101:  Christina had breast cancer back in 2008. She also had a double mastectomy.  And today, she has a miracle baby.  Any questions, or can you just go ahead and cry it out now?

February 22, 2011 at 10:30 am by Emily
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1Christina Applegate Has a Baby!

photo of christina applegate pregnant pictures

Christina Applegate, whom I feel like I just reported was pregnant, like, a month ago, has confirmed through her rep that she’s given birth to a healthy baby girl, Sadie Grace LeNoble. The kid’s father is Martyn LeNoble, epic musician who’s played in and helped out with bands like Porno for Pyros, Jane’s Addiction, and The Cult – the two were married (uh, Christina and Martyn, not Martyn and his new daughter; that’s kind of weird unless you’re in Utah I guess) within the last year.

Sadie Grace was born this past Thursday in California, and the new family is said to be doing very well. But then again, if they weren’t doing well, it’s not as if we’d know one way or the other, right? But I’m sure they are.  This is usually a good time in a person’s life.

I also think this event is pretty special, too, because Christina underwent cancer treatments a few years back, so it’s nice to see that she’s totally healthy enough to have children and be, you know, alive. I also have a big old coonhound by the name of Sadie who’s whining to go outside and poop as we speak, so this new baby and my dog? Are sort of like kin.

Congratulations to the new family! I gotta take the dog out.

February 1, 2011 at 8:00 am by Sarah

3Christina Applegate’s Pregnant Poledancing Class

Christina Applegate is very pregnant, and like a good actress, she’s putting her new assets to right to work. In this new FunnyOrDie vido, Christina plays a pole dancing for fitness instructor who teaches pregnant women how to work the pole in a way that’s comfortable for the fetus growing inside of them.

I always seem to forget how funny Christina is… this video is great.

December 6, 2010 at 1:00 pm by Molls
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6Bump Watch: Christina Applegate’s Growing Baby Belly

One of my very favorite Hollywood actresses, Christina Applegate, was photographed at the LA premiere of Going the Distance looking glowy, pregnant and stoked. She was photographed with her fiancé, Martyn Lenoble.

Congrats (again!) to the happy couple — I cannot wait to see how adorable this child will be.

August 24, 2010 at 9:00 am by Sarah


“I have to tell you all something. And I know it is going to hurt a lot of people but it’s time … okay here goes … wow this is hard but I gotta. The Bundys were not real people …There I said it. Not real. Just actors. Brilliant actors if I say so myself haha. What’s done is done.”

- Christina Applegate disillusioning Kelly Bundy die hards on her Twitter.

July 23, 2010 at 2:00 pm by Molls
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