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Christian Slater

Christian Slater Got Married!

christian slater brittany lopez

Christian Slater has been engaged to girlfriend Brittany Lopez since February, but apparently the couple got a little impatient and decided, what the hell, why not go off and get eloped? That’s exactly what they did on Monday while down in Florida.

From People:

The actor, 44, and his girlfriend of three years, Brittany Lopez, tied the knot during an impromptu ceremony Monday at the courthouse in Coral Gables, Fla., Slater’s rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

The pair celebrated their engagement this summer with family and friends and had originally planned to have a small ceremony later in the year.

On Monday, they went to the Coral Gables District Court to get their marriage license and spontaneously decided to get married. Afterwards, the newlyweds had a court clerk snap a photo of them.

I’m not sure why the backyard wedding got panned – maybe their families were fighting or things were too expensive or they realized how dumb it is to go through so much trouble for a single day when they just love each other and wanna call each other “Mr.” and “Mrs.”. Either way, I guess some congrats are in order – especially since, lest we forget, Christian originally thought Brittany was a lesbian (watch his Jimmy Fallon interview for more on this).

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Christian Slater’s Going to Get Married In His Back Yard

christian slater brittany lopez

Christian Slater hasn’t necessarily been all that lucky in love, but things are looking up, as he’s set to marry his fiancée Brittany Lopez in July. One might assume that a big star like Christian might want a big celebrity wedding that costs millions and includes hundreds of guests, but one would be wrong (or something), because he’s holding this shindig in your back yard.

From People:

“It will be good, intimate and small and family members. It will be nice,” Slater told PEOPLE at ABC’s New York City upfront on Tuesday.

The Mind Games actor, 43, revealed that he and Lopez are planning a backyard affair for their July nuptials.

“Honestly, you gotta get a planner and do all that, but we will get it organized. We had a big engagement party on the 31st of December and it was nice, it was like a New Year’s and we had all the family come, 200 people, so it kind of already feels like we did the wedding, so we are just going to do a nice backyard situation,” he said.

Aw, well that’s sweet. Congrats to Christian Slater and his almost wife.


“It’s like expecting a reward for running out of a burning building.”

Former drug addict Christian Slater discussing whether or not he deserves accolades for achieving several years of sobriety.

Christian recently got a GED in order to actively prioritize education for his children. He’s currently dating Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon, pictured above.

Very Exciting Christian Slater Update

Ahhhh ha ha ha.

You guys don’t care about Christian Slater, I know.

But he’s moving in with his girlfriend, who happens to be the head of Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon. I want the head of Jimmy Choo to move in with me. I’d totally go all Single White Female on her. And by that I just mean I’d steal all of her shoes.

Okay. Go back to filling out expense reports. It’s more interesting than this post.

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