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Chely Wright

Guess Who’s Gay!

Let me lay these facts out before I say anything: I am not a country music fan. I never have been and never will be, even though my grandmother tried to brainwash me when I was younger by forcing me to watch recycled episodes of Hee Haw and all of the country singers that were featured. Like The Statler Brothers. I swear — I never got into it.

Anyway, country music artist, Chely Wright, has confirmed to People magazine that she is, in fact, gay. Wright’s been on the country music scene since 1994, when she debuted her first album, Woman in the Moon.  Though she didn’t gain any massive notoriety until 1997′s “Shut Up and Drive“, Wright knew that she had some kind of staying power then and would to this day.

Wright’s pretty successfully released albums almost every year since her debut in 1994. Girl’s trying hard. Give her some credit.

Chely speaks to People exclusively and discusses what took her so long to publicly own up to who she really was:

“There had never, ever been a country music artist who had acknowledged his or her homosexuality. I wasn’t going to be the first … I hid everything for my music.”

However, she changed her mind after realizing that she was only fooling herself:

“Nothing in my life has been more magical than the moment I decided to come out.”

Congratulations to Wright. There’s nothing more liberating than being who you are, damned the consequences.