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No Internet Trend is Safe From Ashton Kutcher

via Guest of a Guest

For those of you who’ve been sleeping, ChatRoulette is the craziest/creepiest thing to happen to the Internet in forever. You log on and are given a random person to talk to via video and audio chat. Most of the time you just wind up watching a bunch of creepy dudes masturbate, but sometimes you also strike gold. Probably the best example I’ve seen of this is the chat some college bro had with Ashton Kutcher. Of course Ashton does ChatRoulette!

Ashton and the math major from University of Calgary shot the shit about Ashton’s movies for awhile before Ashton had to peace out because he was “hosting snl” that week.

While you probably won’t find yourself meeting Wilmer Valderrama if you log on, there is a tiny chance you could see someone whose face you recognize. Hey! Even I got spotted on ChatRoulette last week.