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Quotables: Lady Gaga is a Crappy Version of Madonna

“What I don’t like is when somebody copies somebody and just adopts it like their own idea. You want me, I go a little further. I can tell you, to me, Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea!”

- Charo tells Sirius XM’s OutQ exactly what she thinks about the whole “Lady Gaga blatantly copying Madonna” thing.

I said it the other day: “Born this Way” is really starting to grow on me, so I don’t really care if Lady Gaga bit Madonna’s style or not, but Charo? Y’all. We are NOT paying enough attention to Charo. Here or anywhere. I hold myself partially responsible for that, and I wanted to apologize to you guys. I know you look to me to inform you re: mad important stuff, and I’ve been dropping the Charo ball, so to speak. I’m sorry. I hope we’re cool.