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Charlotte Church

Well Look Who’s Gonna Get Fat Again

Charlotte Church, age 22, is expecting her second child with Gavin Henson. From her blog: Charlotte Church and Gavin Henson are delighted to announce that they are expecting another baby. The couple are thrilled, as are their immediate families. Meanwhile, Charlotte has confirmed that she will fulfill her commitment to Channel 4 to present the...

Charlotte Church is VERY Pregnant

You know how your boobs get big when you get pregnant? Charlotte Church, who already had some big boobs to begin with, has some serious pregnancy boobs going on. She is currently pregnant with Gavin Henson‘s baby. The baby is due in September. I gotta say I love the Char and she really does look happy to be with child.

Charlotte Church Not Cute Pregnant

So you know those girls that get pregnant and use it as an excuse to get fat? I have a feeling that Charlotte Church is one of them. Here she is on a beach in Thailand letting it all out. She only is four months pregnant so the pooch is a hold out from her boozing days. I actually love Charlotte Church. When I lived in London for a bit I realized...

Another Child Star: Another Young Mom

I’m so sick and tired of all of these young former child stars turned hard partying starlets getting pregnant when they are in their early 20s. Even if they feel really old and mature because they were making millions at the age that we all were attempting to take our SATs it doesn’t mean that they are ready to bring children into the...