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Catherine Zeta-Jones

Looking Good, Catherine Zeta-Jones!

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She looks even better than the last time we said that Catherine Zeta-Jones was looking good, because the last time we said Catherine Zeta-Jones was looking good, she was looking like this:

photo of catherine-zeta jones pictures
And even before that, she wasn’t looking all that good (sorry, but the truth hurts sometimes), and she was looking like this:

photo of catherine zeta jones pictures
But anyway, hey. Catherine Zeta-Jones is looking better than ever (literally), and I’m going to credit it all to a little weight gain, some happiness, and a dash of self-confidence that she’s doing so many movies lately. CZJ is probably one of my favorite Hollywood ladies, and even though she’s not doing awesome movies like ‘The Haunted’ anymore, doesn’t make her any less important and lovely in my book.

Get it, girl!

Catherine Zeta-Jones Looks Great Here

photo of Catherine Zeta Jones pictures
So we’ve been “hard” on Catherine Zeta-Jones lately, speculating on whether or not she’s feeling physically ill, because let’s be honest—girlfriend, to date, has not been looking all that healthy. Yeah, she’s admitted in the past to suffering from bipolar disorder, and while she claims it’s under control and medicated, she’s just not looking all that happy.

These pictures, however? On the set of one of her new films, ‘Red 2‘? She looks pretty great. The bangs work on her in a way that they could never work on Jessica Biel (oh, my bad), her smile looks genuine, and you can tell that she really enjoys her work—as she should, because she really is quite an actress. It’s good to see girlfriend in her element.

The only other thing I have to say, really, is that she looks really, really great for her fifty-three years. And yeah, I know—she claims she’s forty-three. But you and I know better, now, don’t we?

I Don’t Think Catherine Zeta-Jones Feels So Well

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Because she’s not looking all that good, guys. Last I checked, it was her husband who had a debilitating illness that tore through and ravaged his body, and not her. She looks sick. She’s looking like hell. It’s looking like the years of dealing with her husband’s illness, coupled with her own mental illness, has really, really taken its toll on her. Granted, she’s still a beautiful woman, but guys … she’s only just forty-three years old (forty-three years old as of just yesterday, so happy birthday, girl). And she looks at least ten years older than that, if not maybe even a little bit more.

Dunno, guys. I’m seriously saying this with love—I’m concerned about Catherine, here, because she’s just not looking well. I think maybe girlfriend needs a long, relaxing vacation, guys. Real bad. And fast.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Doesn’t Talk About Her Bipolar Diagnosis in New Interview, But She Does Make Me Talk About Music

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… And I only say that because she made it a point that she wouldn’t talk about her bipolar diagnosis in her latest interview. From IO Donna, the timeless, always-lovely Catherine Zeta-Jones on bipolar disorder in general:

“I will not speak of my diagnosis. In general, however, I would say that those who suffer from bipolar depression should not feel alone. There are millions of people in the same situation… We must talk about it, see a specialist and not withdraw into ourselves, because this is the worst thing. Here, in the sufferer let me say this: know that you are not alone and that you are not the only one to have some terrible moments.”

And CZJ on being an A-lister in the eighties:

“I had a great head of hair and wore eye-catching make-up. They were good times. I worked and I followed the music scene in Los Angeles from afar. I lived between Wales and London, England, and I loved a different kind of music, the new romantic.”

… Wait. She liked a “different kind of music, the new romantic,” or she liked “a different kind of music, the New Romantics”? Because there’s a big, big difference, and if girlfriend was into this:

Oh, wait, no. Sorry. My bad. That’s the New Radicals. Because if she was into them, then we have some serious sit-down time we need to tend to. If she means the actual “New Romanticism” movement, then dear Lord, I am so on board with this woman that it’s not even funny. Sign me up for the David Bowie love, the Duran Duran love, the Culture Club love … I could really go on and on. (OK, I will! The Human League, Flock of Seagulls, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell …) F-ck. Can we just go on about this? No? OK. I’ll just leave this right here with you for a second and be back for it after the rest of Catherine’s interview:

Catherine on stage versus on set:

“Yes, you miss the applause of the audience. But [in] Rock of Ages I liked dancing with other dancers, it was like being at home, we spent hours and hours rehearsing. In a musical you work much more intensively than in a drama, but for me it is so rewarding. It makes me happy.”

So. Let’s get back to this music business. Doesn’t Catherine have some of the best musical taste ever? Come on.

You Know Who I’m Really Glad Isn’t Dead? Michael Douglas.

photo of catherine zeta jones and michael douglas 2012 not dead pictures
Because it was a pretty close one, wasn’t it? During those horrible chemo treatments, he looked like any day would be his last, but he pulled through and just recently celebrated a year of cancer-free-ness.

This story hits especially close to my heart, because ten years ago, my mom was diagnosed with an inoperable, incurable brain tumor that gave her blinding headaches and fainting spells. No joke. The doctors told her that she’d probably only live another few months, and that was with intensive chemotherapy (which was administered at home, because she was entirely too weak to be driving – or riding – across town) to sit in a hospital for hours at a time, hooked up to a sterile, loveless machine) composed of both the injectable version and pill-by-mouth versions. The first few weeks were nothing but a waiting game, because the drugs didn’t seem to be doing anything but making her sicker and weaker and prompting us to actually start making phone calls about funeral homes and opening the family vault and “Where is the memorial dinner going to be” and “We’re going to have to go shopping for her after all of this, because nothing but NOTHING is going to fit this poor lady.”

A few weeks later, and pounds lighter, my mom came home from one of her doctor’s appointments full of hope. Well, no, that’s not entirely true. She was actually full of hope from the get-go almost, but this particular day was over the top even for her. She claimed that the doctor was going to try an invasive procedure called Gliadel Wafer Therapy, wherein a microchip-like thing would be inserted into the back of her head and would shoot constant, timed, small doses of the chemo drug in addition to what she was already taking. Needless to say, three weeks later the tumor had shrunk to the size of a pea (it was, at its largest, the size of a standard doorknob), and three weeks after that it was gone entirely.

So my mom’s been in remission for ten years, now, and there’s no sign that the tumor is coming back, but hey. Every day’s really a blessing and though you never really know when you’re going to go, it’s important to know what kind of legacy you’re leaving behind, and I think Michael gets that, too.

And that’s why I’m glad that Michael Douglas did, indeed, rip the head off of that shitty-assed tumor that overtook his throat. He’s a solid dude with a family and wife who’re immensely important to him. Now if we could get him to stop smoking entirely – if he hasn’t already – we’ll be in some even better business.

Congrats, Michael!

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Face Deflated

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How has no one noticed this before? I mean, I’m not the most observant apple in the barrel, but jeez! Catherine Zeta-Girle, what have you done to your face? I suppose it’s partially because you’re married to Michael Douglas, who’s, what, bumping seventy, and you look immensely young next to him regardless, but I Googled your age and you’re telling me you’re only forty-two? Why so heavy on the facial fillers? And why get some that’d start to deflate so … unevenly?

Catherine Zeta-Jones in Treatment For Bipolar Disorder

Wowza! This is one I didn’t see coming.

It was announced yesterday that Catherine Zeta-Jones has entered treatment for bipolar disorder. Apparently, after a year of dealing with her husband‘s failing health, the actress decided last week to take care of herself for a moment and address some on-going psychiatric problems. Her rep said, “Catherine made the decision to check in to a mental health facility for a brief stay to treat her Bipolar II disorder. She’s feeling great and looking forward to starting work this week on her two upcoming films.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bipolar II, it’s essentially the same as regular bipolar disorder, but with an extra helping of depression. Perhaps this explains some of the disparaging remarks the actress made about herself in the press last month. Good for her for getting treatment. As a mother and a wife to an ailing husband, it’s incredibly important that she address these issues.

One question though: I’m no mental health expert, but is it really healthy for someone just out of treatment to go back to work right away, especially on something as stressful as a film set? All that pressure on someone who’s just identified herself as being in a fragile place seems like it might not be the best thing for her. Can anyone who has experience with the disease speak to this?