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Carrie Fisher To Lose 35 Pounds For Star Wars Sequel


Carrie Fisher is all set for the new Star Wars film – well, sort of. She feels she has to lose 35 pounds first. Here’s what she told The Los Angeles Times:

They didn’t hire me, they hired me minus 35 pounds.

Mom Debbie Reynolds added,

She’s worked her body out for one year to not have a body.

I hate this. Why does she have to lose 35 pounds to play Princess Leia? She’s obviously aged since she originally put on that gold bikini and why should we expect her to look the same? I don’t hear stories about anyone telling Harrison Ford he has to lose weight to play Han Solo.

I think it’s such bullshit.

What do you think?

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Carrie Fisher Hopsitalized After Bizarre Performance

carrie fisher bipolar drunk bizarre

Carrie Fisher had a bizarre performance on a cruise ship after which she was hospitalized. TMZ has the exclusive video and I watched it expecting something horrifying, but it’s really just cringeworthy. It’s nothing like the bizarre meltdown Kanye just had during a live performance where at the end of his song he started screaming, over and over, and then violently threw his microphone on the floor, almost hitting the front row. THAT is something that I could believe would lead to a necessary hospitalization.

In the video, Ms. Fisher is cleaning up after her dog who just pooped onstage (and by cleaning up I mean she picks it up with a napkin and then throws it on a couch, saying, “Where else am I supposed to put it?”) and then starts singing. I’m not sure what the context is here; if she was expected to sing or if she was there to do a reading, or what. There’s no musical accompaniment. She’s singing a cappella swaying and stumbling around, forgetting lyrics, and then asks the audience what song they’d like to hear.

But it was apparently weird enough for her publicist to release this statement,

There was a medical incident related to Carrie Fisher’s bipolar disorder.  She went to the hospital briefly to adjust her medication and is feeling much better now.

Okay, let me say something here. I realize that not everyone is the same when it comes to mental illness. There a varying degrees of how severe an illness is. There’s a bipolar spectrum; some are on the high end, some on the low end. But saying that because someone did a weird, seemingly spontaneous singing performance on a boat and blaming it on being bipolar makes no f-cking sense to me. Honestly, I think she’s just drunk. She’s singing on a boat and it’s a little embarrassing but she’s not having a major episode like when Britney Spears shaved her head. It seems like now we’re so quick to blame everything on mental illness, and I don’t like it.

I am keeping in mind though that I know NOTHING about her condition or her treatment, and it is entirely possible that this has something to do with being bipolar and maybe needing meds adjusted but I still think it’s bullshit. When you have a mental illness and you stop being happy for 2 seconds the first thing people ask is, “MAYBE YOU NEED YOUR MEDS ADJUSTED???” My theory is that she’s drunk and that’s not something her people want to admit, considering that she is a recovering alcoholic.

What do you think? (And by the way, I’d like to add that I know that Carrie Fisher is bipolar. I recommend her book Wishful Drinking to anyone. I know that she has a history of mental illness. I’m not saying that she isn’t bipolar, I’m saying that I’m annoyed that we’re using mental illness as a blanket excuse for any behavior that isn’t deemed “normal.”)


George Takei Calls for Peace Between Star Trek and Star Wars

For a few month now, Carrie Fisher from Star Wars and William Shatner from Star Trek have been at each other’s throats. Shatner started it, then Fisher struck back by essentially calling Star Trek second-rate, but then Shatner got a little personal, bringing up Fisher’s weight. I guess that’s when George Takei, one of the world’s most glorious men and a man who has worked in both series, decided that he needed to defuse the situation.

Personally, I think George has a pretty solid point. After all, nobody’s going to back down in this fight and, well, Twilight IS really, really bad. What are your thoughts?