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Colin Firth Swears He Didn’t Cry Over His ‘Bridget Jones’ Fate

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I’ll admit something that may be akin to blasphemy, and that’s that, uh… I’ve never actually watched Bridget Jones all the way through. Either of them. Nor have I read the book – though I did own the first one at some point (not sure if I still do). Well, Helen Fielding did a third book in the series called Mad About the Boy and in it (SPOILER), Mark Darcy was dead. Oh, snap!

Apparently, some people were saying that when Colin Firth found out about this, he sobbed his eyes out, but that’s a load of bologna according to the man himself. He did say, however,

From Sky News:

“I’ve heard I that nearly wept or that I had to process it,” he said. “I’m afraid, I tend to find the demise of a fictional character doesn’t run very deep.”

Fielding has hinted that she could bring Darcy back from the dead, and if so, Firth would gladly step back into the role.

“I’m always happy to be reincarnated, rejuvenated – a pair of electrodes – I would happily walk,” he said.

Ah, well that’s alright. Helen wants there to be a third movie, by the way, but there might be a bit of a wait for that – especially considering that Renee Zellweger is a shadow of her former self in every possible way.

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Bridget Jones is Coming Back Fatter Than Ever

Bridget Jones fans may not have to wait long for a third movie. Rumor has it that a script has already been developed and that this time around, it will focus on a pregnant Bridget. Of course the twist is that she has no idea if the father is Daniel or Mr. Darcy. Sounds a little bit more like a Maury episode than a Bridget Jones flick, but whatever.

One person who knows nothing about any of this? Bridget herself, Renee Zellweger. While at the premiere of her film My Own Love Song, Renee got the scoop from reporters and her reaction showed that she was just as surprised by the plot twists as anyone,“Who told you that? How do you know? Oh you know Helen Fielding? You talked to Helen Fielding! I need to talk to Helen Fielding!” Typical Hollywood, right?

Would you go check out a third Bridget Jones movie? What do you think of Bridget getting preggo with Gawd-Knows-Who’s baby?