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Brad Renfro

11It’s Confirmed: Brad Renfro Died of Heroin Overdose


To the surprise of absolutely no one, the L.A. Coroner’s office announced today that actor Brad Renfro died of an accidental heroin overdose.

From everything I hear, this kid worked his ass off trying to get sober. Sometimes it just doesn’t stick, you guys.

February 8, 2008 at 8:16 pm by Evil Beet
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“As critical and prescient as you become in this town, all I did was cry when I heard the news. I feel in some respects like we all failed.”

Brad Renfro’s lawyer, Blair Berk, who has also represented Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson.

Brad was found dead in his LA apartment yesterday. An autopsy is planned for Thursday. It is expected they’ll find that Brad died of a drug overdose.

January 16, 2008 at 2:29 pm by Evil Beet
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23Holy Fucking Shit: Brad Renfro Found Dead


So much for my little mental health day. This was not the news I needed.

He was only 25.

Renfo had struggled with drug and alcohol abuse issues in the past.

The star of The Client was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment, where he’d spent the night with friends.

Drug overdose is “obviously it’s a possibility considering his history, but right now all we have is the history of his drinking the previous night,” says Craig Harvey, chief investigator for the Los Angeles county coroner. “All that we have is that he was last known to be alive during the morning hours and he was snoring.”

RIP, buddy.

January 15, 2008 at 6:48 pm by Evil Beet
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