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Bobbi Kristina

Nick Gordon doesn’t want the police to see his home security footage

bobbi kristina nick gordon

While Bobbi Kristina remains in a coma in a hospital with failing organs and not much hope of ever waking up, the Houston and Brown families have been working to keep Nick Gordon, Bobbi’s fake-husband and possible abuser from seeing her. The police are also said to be investigating him for possible domestic violence, and Nick has been doing everything he can to avoid that questioning. He refused to speak to police in exchange for being allowed to see Bobbi, and he even went so far as to file a restraining order against the police to keep them from getting a hold of private security footage of his and Bobbi’s house. Which, you know, is not at all condemning!

However, Nick seems to have had a change of heart, since he likely realised that being scared shitless to let police see what actually went on in your house when your girlfriend nearly drowned to death (and pretty much did, if you look at it from another angle) probably doesn’t cast him in the best light.

After Gordon’s lawyers Joe S. Habachy and Randall M. Kessler filed the documents, however, a new statement to Us Weekly reveals that Gordon has since changed his mind, in an effort to comply with the police investigation.

“To protect his client’s interests, Mr. Habachy filed the Temporary Restraining Order. However, Mr. Gordon has since elected to dismiss the claim in an effort to help Roswell PD speed up their investigation,” the statement to Us reads.

In the initial filing, Gordon’s lawyer claimed that “The Search Warrant violates the Fourth Amendment in that it is overly broad and seeks private data ‘without limitation,’ and fails to narrowly limit the scope of the data sought by date or other characteristics.” The decision to seek a temporary restraining order came after Gordon received notice from Nest Labs that it had “received ‘legal process’ for data and documents related to the account and that it intended to comply.”

Huh. I don’t see anything good coming from any of this, to be honest. Why is this guy such an asshole and what exactly does he have to hide? Also, if he bought himself some extra time before turning over this footage, can’t he have theoretically destroyed the incriminating bits to spare himself?

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Nick Gordon won’t see Bobbi Kristina or talk to police

bobbi kristina nick gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s fake-husband-actually boyfriend Nick Gordon has been banned from the hospital where she’s currently in a coma, and he’s also under investigation by police for being an abusive prick. While Nick’s playing the part of the aggrieved lover rather unconvincingly, he’s not willing to meet Bobby Brown‘s demands for being allowed to see his beloved: talk to the police about the allegations against him.

From TMZ:

Brown lawyer says, “To address the continued and never ending media requests for comment about Mr. Gordon’s requests to visit Bobbi Kristina, let me be very clear, Mr. Gordon was offered an opportunity to potentially visit Bobbi Kristina and he declined to meet the terms of any possible visit.”

The lawyer won’t say what “term” Gordon must meet, but it’s pretty apparent.  TMZ broke the story there’s a criminal investigation because Bobbi Kristina had visible injuries when she was rushed to the hospital, and Nick is the target of the investigation.  Seems obvious … Brown wants Nick to talk to cops.

The lawyer certainly hinted he wants Nick to sit down with police, saying, “We are only concerned with individuals that can help Bobbi Kristina and bring resolution to the investigation.”

As far as we know Nick has not been interviewed by police and the investigation is ongoing.

Nick made a public plea Saturday night to allow him in the hospital, claiming he’s the one who can bring his girlfriend back to life, but Brown’s lawyer scoffs, saying, “Obviously Mr. Gordon is not as desperate to visit Bobbi Kristina as he wants the world to believe.”

Yikes. This whole situation is just awful all around and has no chance of ever getting any better. But how on earth is Nick being investigated, and yet he’s allowed to refuse to speak to police? Isn’t that… not optional at this point? What the hell kind of investigation is this, anyway?

If this asshole had nothing to hide, he’d be more than willing to speak to police, whether or not it was a condition of his ability to see his girlfriend. Fuck off with this dude.

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Bobbi Kristina undergoes tracheotomy

bobbi kristina

Bobbi Kristina has been in a medically induced coma for nearly three weeks now – ever since she was found face down in her Georgia home’s bathtub. Her condition hasn’t changed at all, and it’s likely she’ll never wake up, but as her family isn’t ready to give up on her just yet, it became necessary this week for surgeon’s to perform a tracheotomy.

The procedure isn’t an indicator of a change in her condition, however. “She is still critical,” a family source told PEOPLE. “We don’t know what the outcome will be. No one is giving up on this kid.”

“You can’t leave a breathing tube in long-term because it’s an infection risk and can erode through the trachea,” [internist Dr. Levi Benson] says. “[The patient's] condition is the same; a tracheostomy [allows for] another type of breathing tube.” 

“You wait to see if the patient recovers their breathing function and if the patient does not recover, and if you think the patient might need to have a ventilator long-term, then you do the tracheostomy.” 

If Bobbi did make a miraculous recovery and wake up, she should still be able to speak since the new breathing tube doesn’t interfere with the vocal cords.

To be honest, I don’t know why they’re putting Bobbi or themselves through this. Then again, if that was my loved one, I don’t know that I’d find it so easy to just say “You know, she’s never going to wake up, just let her go”. I’d probably want to try absolutely everything, too.

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Nick Gordon got a tattoo in honor of Bobbi Kristina

bobbi kristina nick gordon

Nick Gordon has pretty much been outed as a domestic abuser – not to mention he’s not actually legally married to Bobbi Kristina – but in order to make himself look like he’s not a complete scumbag, he decided to make a grand gesture of gentlemanship: he got Bobbi’s name tattooed on his arm.

bobbi kristina tattoo

This is not only hideous, but like… seriously? Nick isn’t allowed to the hospital to see Bobbi due to the restraining order against him by Pat Houston, but according to his lawyer he’s not interested in pursuing legal action to change that. Instead, he’ll just sit back and get ugly tattoos. Whatever, man.

Still no update on Bobbi’s condition – the last I’ve read, her organs are shutting down one by one, but the family still isn’t quite ready to take her off life support.

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Bobbi Kristina was in a car crash just days before she was found unconscious

bobbi kristina

Bobbi Kristina‘s condition has not changed and it’s still pretty obvious that she’s not going to make it, but at the moment, she’s still on life support. The biggest news surrounding this case at the moment is the revelation that her boyfriend-not-husband Nick Gordon had likely been abusing her. Such allegations are the focus of a new criminal investigation and both the Houston and Brown family hope to see Gordon prosecuted. But this story just gets sadder and sadder – now it’s been revealed that Bobbi was involved in a car crash just days before she was found unconscious in her bathtub.

From CBS News:

Police reports obtained by The Associated Press show Whitney Houston’s daughter was involved in a traffic accident that injured two people days before she was hospitalized.

Police in Roswell, Georgia, say Bobbi Kristina Brown was driving a Jeep Liberty on Jan. 27 when she lost control, crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle. A passenger in the Jeep and the other car’s driver were taken to the hospital.

Ugh, again, so sad. Such a shame to see such a young life go to waste, but I’ve said it a million times before: this girl never had a chance. After the upbringing she had, she needed so much love, care and rehabilitation and she just never got it.

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Bobbi Kristina was likely a victim of domestic violence

bobbi kristina nick gordon

It was announced over the weekend that Bobbi Kristina‘s boyfriend-not-husband Nick Gordon is under investigation by authorities after they discovered “suspicious marks” on Bobbi’s body and one of her friends, Max Lomas, told authorities that Nick was being shady as hell the day Bobbi was discovered face down in her bathtub and had cleaned up blood stains from the house.

Now it seems more details are unraveling about Bobbi and Nick’s relationship and the truth about just how violent things were between the pair because of jealousy.

From TMZ:

Sources close to the couple tell us … their spats which sometimes resulted in domestic violence were almost always triggered by Nick’s jealousy over Bobbi Kristina’s fame. He felt he was also Whitney Houston’s child since he grew up with her and could not understand why people focused on Bobbi.

One recent example … they were trying to get their own TV show but when Nick wasn’t offered the same deal as Bobbi Kristina they turned it down.

Sources close to the couple tell us Bobbi Kristina’s injuries, which triggered an ongoing criminal investigation with Gordon as the target, don’t surprise their friends because they’ve known the relationship sometimes got violent.

Why am I not surprised? The same thing happened between Whitney and Bobby Brown and look how that ended up? So, so sad to see how these cycles are perpetuated. There have also been reports that Nick hasn’t been to the hospital since the day Bobbi was admitted – though hopefully that’s because her family has disallowed that.

What’s sad is that this girl’s life has been destroyed and she never really had a chance for it to play out otherwise. Such a shame. If these allegations about Nick are true, which I have a pretty good feeling they are, I hope he’s locked up and prosecuted fully.

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Bobby Brown hopes God will save Bobbi Kristina

bobby brown bobbi kristina

Despite reports that began circulating yesterday that Bobbi Kristina‘s family had decided to turn off her life support machines, this is apparently NOT the case, and Bobbi is still alive, though barely. Yesterday was her father Bobby Brown‘s birthday, and he spent it at Bobbi’s bedside, hoping for a bit of a miracle. While doctors have told him the situation is pretty much hopeless, Bobby hopes that God will save his daughter.

From TMZ:

Bobby Brown is adamant … he doesn’t want to take his daughter Bobbi Kristina off life support because he believes in God-driven miracles.

Bobby’s feelings are not shared by doctors, who have advised him she will not improve and pulling life support is an appropriate action. But Brown and his family — who are deeply religious — believe doctors cannot account for miracles … miracles the family has seen before.

We’re told Bobbi Kristina’s condition has remained the same since Monday morning … her brain functions are minimal and there has been no improvement.

Family sources say this has been an ongoing discussion and they believe Brown could come around to the doctor’s point of view as time goes on … but as of late Thursday he’s not budging.

When his daughter was transferred to Emory University Hospital Tuesday Brown was hopeful the renowned staff could do something, but the fact that there’s been no change is what doctors believe is the handwriting on the wall.

To be honest, I can’t imagine being in such an awful position. It’s been less than a week since this tragedy occurs, so I don’t think it’s unreasonable that Bobby Brown wouldn’t want to pull the plug on his daughter yet, and that he’s holding out for some kind of improvement. I don’t think it’s something you come to terms with easily, and there’s probably no small amount of guilt there, considering Bobby’s own issues with drugs and the way he and Whitney exposed Bobbi to such things from a very young age…

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