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Hotel Denied Bjork The Right To Party

bjork Webby Awards 2012

Bjork got kicked out of a hotel — first out of a room, and then out of the lobby — for trying to party. She and singer Ellie Goulding were trying to join the party her friends threw in their hotel room, but the hotel staff didn’t recognize Bjork and Ms. Goulding and tossed them out. But this is Bjork, here. Undeterred, she, Goulding, Skrillex (eeeww), and Diplo continued their party in the lobby. Where the hell is this hotel located where no one recognized them? Mars? But this is all according to Ellie Goulding anyway, who admits she couldn’t really remember the evening because she was “very drunk” (News Of Iceland).

I love this story.

Which musician would YOU most like to party with?

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Love It or Leave It: Bjork’s Purple Jumpsuit

A photo of Bjork

Photo via Popeater

This is what Bjork wears to press conferences.  She just goes through her closet, wades through the dresses shaped like animals and the half avante garde, half completely misguided outfits until she finds just the right completely horrendous jumpsuit with rosettes that try to eat her thighs, gives a sigh of relief, and suits up.

This is really just Bjork being Bjork, so I can’t hate too much.  Even though I think rosettes might be directly from the devil.

Robyn Covers Hyperballad, Everyone Gets a Music Boner

If you guys are into bitches singing (I am!) then this video should make you real happy.

Bjork was awarded the 2010 Polar Music Prize from Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf. Previous winners include Pink Floyd and Joni Mitchell. It’s a big freakin’ deal over in Sweden.

To celebrate, they brought together a group of artists to cover some of Bjork’s most celebrated music. Robyn covered Hyperballad, Wildbirds and Peacedrums covered Human Behavior (my jam), Ane Brun coverd Joga… Essentially, it was a very special night for fans of Bjork and music fans in general.

What do you think of Robyn’s cover?