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Bill Hader

Bill Hader Confirms That Justin Bieber Sucks

bill hader 5 year engagement

Bill Hader, a very recent Saturday Night Live alum, did an interview with Howard Stern and gave us some tidbits about working on SNL. And thus, the tale of two Justins. From Uproroxx:

Justin Bieber showed up with like 20 guys. And every time, backstage is a very small constructed place, he had a guy holding a slice of pizza, a guy holding a Diet Coke. You were trying to fight around all these people to get dressed. [Justin] Timberlake, it was just him. He’s a real class act, that guy.

I think we’ve established by now that Justin Bieber is an entitled spoiled brat, but it’s still so very refreshing to hear. I get that people love Justin Timberlake, though I am not one of them. I think he is annoying. BUT I would choose to hang out with him over Bieber any day. Especially because Justin Bieber would force me to surrender my basic rights and my safety if I wanted to party at his house.


justin bieber bodyguard lol

Sigourney Weaver’s SNL Promos

Per usual, NBC released this week’s Saturday Night Live promos online and they’re just OK. This week’s host is Sigourney Weaver who’s hot right now because of her role in Avatar and hot forever because of this. I usually only check out SNL these days if I like who’s hosting or if something huge has happened in the news. This week with American Idol premiering and all the Conan drama (which they poke at in the clip above) it might be worth checking out, but seriously? I am not enticed by what seems like two minutes of Bill Hader improving with Sigourney Weaver backstage at Studio 8H before their lunch break. Hopefully they’re saving their A-game for Saturday (ha.)