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Look, Drew Barrymore Directed A Best Coast Music Video!

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Last night was a really bad time in my life. And I’m not talking “oh, I’m feeling kind of blah right now,” I’m talking “irrationally hitting things, calling my mom at 1:00 AM, finally passing out at around 7:30 in the morning” bad time. But in the midst of my woes, I turned on MTV, this was around 5:00 AM, and what did I happen to see but this magical music video by Best Coast. And as I laid in my bed of sorrows, I made a note to look into the video when I woke up so I could share it with you guys. Because you’re always on my mind.

As if the music video itself wasn’t enough, it turns out that the always lovable Drew Barrymore is the director! Plus, as if that still wasn’t enough, the video features some supposedly big time actors that I don’t know anything about, like Donald Glover, the guy who plays Troy in Community (never seen it) and Tyler Posey, the guy from the Teen Wolf show (will never see it), but, much more importantly, Miranda Cosgrove from my beloved iCarly and Alia Shawkat, the girl who played Maeby on Arrested Development! How can you not love it?!

Except do you love it?

Best Coast is Crazy for You and The Internet is Crazy for Cats

Best Coast had one of my favorite albums last year and they’ve already made my favorite music video of 2011. The new video for their single “Crazy for You” is everywhere online this morning, and while the catchy tune probably doesn’t hurt, I’m going to guess that it’s the feline stars that are pushing it over the top. This thing is two calicos short of an episode of Hoarders.

The Internet loves cats you guys. Cats doing cute things, cats doing funny things, cats doing things that are usually done by humans (like using an iPad or directing a hipster music video.) The secret to Internet success hasn’t been a secret for some time now.

See, Lady Gaga? It’s not all about big-budget production. And Katy Perry? You never had to make your breasts ejaculate whipped topping on to the eyes of teenage America. You ladies just needed to stack some cats on top of each other and get your hair blown out real cute.