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Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day Needs Emotional Support from Her Dogs

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From TMZ:

A rep for Virgin America airlines tells TMZ … the “Celebrity Apprentice” star was cleared to bring her 2 pets into the 1st class section of a flight this week … because they are registered as “Emotional Support Animals.”

So how does one get emotional support animal clearance? Ya gotta have a doctor write a letter … stating you have mental issues.

According to the Virgin America website, the airline requires the passenger to produce a letter from a licensed mental health professional which substantiates the guest’s disability-related need for the animal to accompany them in the aircraft cabin.

V.A. claims the letter must state that the passenger “has a mental health-related disability” … and that having the animal accompany the passenger is necessary for his or her mental health.

So wait. Aubrey O’Day might have emotional issues? The girl who looks like this? No. Say it ain’t so. I just can’t bring myself to believe it. Honestly, though, I like the idea of pets as emotional companions. It’s better than being doped up on antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds any day, right?

Why are we even talking about this, you wonder? Why is this even news? Well I don’t know. But it probably has to do a lot with BECAUSE PINK DOGS.

Hey, It’s Like You Can Almost See Aubrey O’Day’s Vadge

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Well, no, I guess it’s not ‘like’ you can almost see, it’s that you CAN almost see it, because instead of wearing something on her bottom like most people do when they hit the beach, or the pool, or, you know, PUBLIC, Aubrey opts for a line of fake cowhide fringe. But hey, it’s cool. If I squint real hard, I can pretend it’s a hot dude almost flashing his junk, because she’s even got that swoonworthy pelvic cut like a dude does. (I mean, that is what that is, right?)

Aubrey did a photo shoot earlier this week, and I’m still confused as to what the theme might have been – I’m thinking either ‘Flash Your Cooter in Malibu Day,’ ‘Horrible Roots of Southern California,’ or ‘Really Stupid Fucking Dogs.’ But maybe it’s none of the above. Maybe I’m being too obtuse, and the answer’s right in front of my face. MUCH LIKE HER VADGE.

Aubrey O’Day Debuts a New Figure at Fashion Week

Aubrey O’Day walked the runway for Indashio during New York Fashion Week, but her slightly plump frame grabbed more looks than the tight black frock she was wearing.

Aubrey has always been rail thin, and while I really like the way she’s carrying her new curves (she looks so happy and healthy, right?), I barely recognized her.

What do you think of Aubrey’s new shape? Is this a result of laziness or some much-needed carb loading? Let me know what you think in the comments and by voting in the poll.

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Guess Who’s Coming Back to TV?!?!

It’s just been announced that former Making the Band “star” Aubrey O’Day will be starring in her own reality TV show. Everyone else has one, so why not give one to the slutty girl from Danity Kane, you know? Sounds like that show has a lot of potential… NOT.

The deal has been set up with Oxygen, who sound really hopeful that this show isn’t going to be a pile of embarrassing trash for both them and Aubrey. Senior VP of development at Oxygen, Amy Introcaso-Davis, says, “Young women have watched the ups and downs of Aubrey through the years, and they continue to cheer her on. We’re excited to deliver her story as she battles the issues that resonate with our audience, from self-doubt and body image to an intense desire for success and redemption.”

Who knows? Maybe we’ll get lucky and this chick will bring on the mindless entertainment like Kendra, but my guess is that this is going to be as tragic as when that dude from O-Town had his own show about his comeback. It think it was literally called “Back Again” or something. Ugh. Knowing that these people are alive makes me feel like I’ve been on Earth too long.

Millions of Milkshakes Continues to Make Non-Famous People Think They’re Famous

Aubrey O’Day, who I will always remember as one of the most unfortunate looking people on that show Making the Band, was at Millions of Milkshakes in Hollywood to introduce her special “celebrity milkshake”. Millions of Milkshakes is one of those touristy places in the middle of West Hollywood that thrives on it’s “celebrity” guests. When it first opened up, they’d get people like Miley to come in and make a shake. Now they’re down to the Aubrey O’Days of the world and it’s just sad. The worst part is you can tell that this photo op means the world to Aubrey. The photo gallery below could elicit tears. I’m not kidding. Ugh. Hollywood.

Happy Birthday, Aubrey!

Aubrey O'Day and Her Mother Pictures Photos

Playboy cover girl Aubrey O’Day celebrated her birthday at JET in Las Vegas last night, and spent some time grinding all over poker player David Williams, who seemed to be the closest thing to a celebrity there.

Also present: Her mother, whom I will be pointing out to my mother every time she is embarrassed that her daughter writes a celebrity gossip blog. See, Mom? I could be posing for Playboy while my music career is failing.