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Ashley Tisdale

HSM3 Ranks #1

No surprises here but High School Musical 3: Senior Year was the weekend’s top grossing movie with ticket sales of $42M. 

Ashley Tisdale and other cast members at The 3rd Rome International Film Festival High School Musical 3 Premiere.  Her dress is a little Vegas showgirl, i.e. I love it.  I’m actually loving her as a brunette too!

Director Kenny Ortega needs to lay off the caffeine.  Or coke.

Ashley Tisdale Thinks She Has a Film Career to Pursue


A Disney rep told the Hollywood Reporter this week that a High School Musical 4 was in the works.

Ashley’s response?

“We love HSM, but we kind of have to move on. It will always be a part of us that we loved to do.”

I assume the reporter asked her the question regarding both she and Vanessa, otherwise she is talking in the royal we for reasons that baffle me.

Anyway, what does Ash think is up next?

“I’d love to do more romantic comedies in the future … [I love] Kate Hudson — she’s funny!”

Yes, Ashley, she is. Kate Hudson has an innate, sophisticated sense of comedic timing and delivery. That’s why she has a career in romantic comedies. It’s also why you don’t. Take the paychecks while they’re still being offered, sweetheart.

Cheering On … AJ McLean?

Ashley Tisdale at AJ McLean Concert, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Ashley Tisdale at the AJ McLean (yes, the former Backstreet Boy) show in Anaheim.

What the hell was she doing there?

And here’s what I find the funniest: there are 101 photos of AJ McLean from this event. Literally. There is one photograph of Ashley Tisdale. This is the sole photo of Ashley from this event. Yet, how does the photo agency advertise this particular set of photos? With the single photo of Ashley Tisdale, of course. “Look! We have a photo of Ashley Tisdale! Check this out! Oh, and here’s another hundred photos of AJ McLean.”


For what it’s worth, I like AJ. I think he’s a good guy and I wish him all the best.

Who Is Jared Murillo? And Why The Hell Is He Getting All Cozy with Ashley Tisdale?

Ashley Tisdale and Boyfriend Jared Murillo, Pictures, Photos

Ashley Tisdale and Jared Murillo, Pictures, Photos

Ashley and her new nose showed up to a taping of America’s Best Dance Crew, and she was looking awfully cozy with Jared Murillo, who’s apparently her boyfriend. He’s also … drum roll please … a back-up dancer!

It’s only a matter of time before Ashley marries this dude, pops out some kids, he records a rap album and before you know it she’s pounding umbrellas into paparazzi SUVs. I know how these things work.

I guess Jared just signed a contract with Warner Bros to be a part of a new boy band called V Factory.

V Factory?

What does the “V” stand for?

Apparently Ashley Tisdale’s Doll Needs a Nose Job


As you all know, Ashley Tisdale had a deviated septum nose job last year, but I guess the manufacturers of her new doll didn’t get the memo.

According to “insiders,” the Tizz doll is sporting her pre-surgery nose. “The width of the doll’s nose and the nostrils look like her nose pre-surgery,” cosmetic surgeon Dr. Patrick Abergel, who doesn’t treat the star, told In Touch Weekly.


You know what the Ashley Tisdale doll looks like?

It looks like a fucking doll.

It doesn’t look a damn thing like Ashley Tisdale, because it’s a fucking cheap-ass, mass-produced plastic likeness of a human being with blonde hair. When’s the last time you looked at one of those crappy dolls and thought to yourself, “Jesus, that thing looks exactly like Lindsay Lohan” or “Man, I thought Justin Timberlake lived in LA, but he’s clearly been shrunken and placed right here in my living room in Minnesota, the likeness is so striking”?


It’s not Madame Tusseaud’s, people, it’s a cheap little doll. It doesn’t look like Ashley Tisdale because none of those dolls look anything like the people they’re supposed to be.

I don’t know why I’m so riled up about this. I just can’t believe people are actually writing stories — and consulting cosmetic surgeons — about a fucking $15 doll needing a couple millimeters off her nose.

God, Paris, I’m sorry about giving you shit for running around town clutching Benji Madden’s hand like a couple of fifth graders at recess. At least when you’re up to your standard antics, people aren’t writing about the goddamn nose on the Ashley Tisdale doll.

Ugh. I’m grumpy and need to sleep.

You Wanker, There is No Other Nose!!!


Word on the street is that the High School Musical producers are kind of freaking out about Ashley Tisdale’s recent nose job.

“Ashley’s appearance has been so dramatically altered, producers want to include the surgery in the storyline for High School Musical 3 to explain her new look,” says an insider. However, if the writers’ strike is still on when HSM3 begins filming in March, Ashley may have to improvise an explanation for Sharpay’s new nose.

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