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Jason Bateman Deserves An iPhone 4 G More Than You

Jason Bateman Causes Apple Controversy

Jason Bateman is getting a lot of shit from the nerd community. Yesterday the iPhone 4G was released, and typically, Apple stores had lines around the block of people dying to get their hands on their new toy. One of Los Angeles’ most popular Apple stores, the Grove location, had a particularly bad line. Arrested Development star Jason Bateman showed up to the mall and joined the line, but was quickly ushered to the front because an Apple store employee recognized him.

Now people are all up in arms and saying that Jason’s celebrity got him access to a phone that they had been waiting for all day. I can understand the frustration of the people waiting in line (don’t you hate it when you get cut at a bar or a bank or anywhere?) but let’s be real: It’s not like the dude showed up and cut the line immediately. And if an Apple employee, for whatever reason, singled you out and told you that you could cut a 200-something person line and not stand in the hot sun for two hours, would you “do the right thing” and tell them no thanks? Probably not.

Celebrities get preferential treatment all the time, but in the grand scheme of things, this is small beans. It’s not like he got away with murder or something.