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Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg Engaged To Joanna Newsom

joanna newsom andy samberg couple

Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live is engaged to singer-songwriter Joanna Newsom. Damn, there are a lot of weddings and engagements going on right now, aren’t there?

I didn’t even realize they were together until this post. Apparently they’ve been together for 5 years, after meeting through mutual friends, though he was a fan of her music way before then, all according to USA Today.

“She respects what he does with his songs,” the friend said, referring to Samberg’s quirky tracks (“I’m on a Boat!”) with comedy troupe Lonely Island. “She’s so proud of everything that he has accomplished.”

Well okay then, they seem like a good match for each other. One time my friend brought me to a Grammy party and Andy Samberg and some friends were there and we were bored so we came up to them and said, “Hey guys, can we hang out with you?” And he was like, “Uhhh…sure!” and super nice about it. But then at some point in the night they ditched us. I totally get it, I ain’t even mad. True story.

Just in Time for the Holidays: Last Night’s SNL with Katy Perry

Katy Perry teamed with Andy Samberg (and Matt Damon! And Val Kilmer! And even Abraham Lincoln!) for last night’s awesome SNLDigital Short.” I didn’t LOL or anything, but Katy Perry’s facial expressions slay me. And! Val Kilmer, singing! How I’ve missed you, Val.

Anyway. The song is about meth addiction and time-travel, and I love it. Then again, I almost always laugh at jokes about meth. I think drug references are hilarious. That isn’t weird, though, right? Everybody loves those Harold and Kumar movies.

SNL Mocks Kim Kardashian’s Divorce, Which Should Be Terrible, Except It’s Really Funny

Here is a sad admission: I DON’T LAUGH THAT OFTEN. But this? This Saturday Night Live sketch from last night’s episode? Oh, I belly-laughed. I may have even guffawed. It was terrible, and I’m sorry. Except for, Kris Jenner is kind of the worst ever, and boy oh boy, did I laugh at Kristen Wiig’s version of Kris Jenner. Meanwhile, Andy Samberg’s limited talents (sorry!) were perfectly utilized in his portrayal of Kris Humphries. Oh, my God, and then Taran Killam as Bruce Jenner. Oh, my God. Just watch. (Charlie Day hosted.)

No, I do feel bad for laughing. I feel awful, actually: Kim Kardashian has reportedly flown to Minnesota to love-tackle (that’s a basketball term, right?) estranged husband Kris Humphries. Kim feels she was brash in ditching her husband of 72 days, evidently, and while this doesn’t signal a real reconciliation, I’m actually relieved that Kim is at least sort of trying.