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Andy Dick

This Is Disturbing

I’m pretty sure this is the mug shot of one Andy Dick, who was arrested at 2 am last night in Murrieta (why is anyone ever in Murrieta???) on suspicion of drug possession and...


Where’s the Cocaine?

Heh. So I noticed that both Tom Arnold and Andy Dick attended the premiere of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and my first thought was “Oh please God let there be a photo of them...


Having Fun Yet, Andy Dick?

I just think this photo — taken at Jude Law’s birthday party at LAX on Saturday — is so funny. Who lets Andy Dick grab their tits? I bet all those chicks ran to the...


Andy Dick for President!

Ah, slow news days. We’re mere hours away from the holiday weekend. Traffic is down everywhere on the web because you guys aren’t sitting at your desk web-surfing while you...


Andy Dick: High or Crazy?

I’m just not sure. I’m never sure with him. Check out this video of Andy being forcibly escorted off the set of Jimmy Kimmel’s show after getting a little handsy with...


Andy Dick Cracks Me Up

X17 has some great footage of Andy leaving a club on Kiefer Sutherland’s heels. As Kiefer signs autographs for the “fans” paparazzi, Andy demands to know why no one has a...