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Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes’ psychiatric hold extended another 2 weeks

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes was tricked into another 5150 psychiatric hold in Los Angeles last Friday, and while involuntary holds like that usually have a window of 72 hours, hers has been extended for an additional two weeks, according to multiple sources, as she is still deemed to be a potential danger to herself or others.

Things don’t seem to be going too well for Amanda at the hospital, either – she’s apparently having to be heavily medicated because she keeps having episodes of lashing out, and she also hates her parents, now (as if she didn’t already):

TMZ broke the story … Amanda’s parents worked with Sam Lutfi to lure her from NYC to LA Friday. Lutfi convinced her to take a car service to what she believed was a Pasadena law office, where she would meet with a lawyer about suing her parents for abuse. The building was actually a mental facility. When she walked in the front door, she was restrained and involuntarily committed.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Amanda feels utterly betrayed and says her relationship with her parents is “destroyed forever.” Although she’s had a poor relationship with her dad, she had warm feelings for her mom … until Friday.

We’re told Amanda is in the women’s lockdown section of the facility … where she is showing fits of anger. Doctors are medicating her, but it takes time for the meds to kick in.

Here’s the long-term problem. As TMZ first reported … Amanda’s parents will seek and, almost certainly get, another conservatorship before she leaves the facility in 2 weeks — doctors got the 72-hour hold extended by 14 days. But everyone involved concedes … it will be extremely difficult to manage Amanda given her hatred for her parents.

Ugh, I really feel bad for this girl. She obviously has incredibly serious mental health issues, but the issue is, unless she’s institutionalized for the rest of her life, the same thing will keep happening over and over again. Once they let her out, she will go off her meds, which will then make the symptoms of her condition come back to the forefront, eventually leading to erratic behaviour, which will then lead to another 5150 hold, and on and on.

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Amanda Bynes is on another 5150 hold

amanda bynes lax

It was only a matter of time before Amanda Bynes was placed back on her infamous 5150 psychiatric hold. After jetting off to New York, where she exhibited some utterly bizarre (and illegal) behaviour, she was apparently tricked back into hospitalization by her parents and… Sam Lufti? It seemed her Twitter rant in which she accused her father of molesting her was the final straw.

From TMZ:

Amanda Bynes just arrived in L.A. and went directly to a hospital outside L.A. … where doctors placed her on an involuntary psychiatric hold. We’re told Amanda thought a car service was taking her to The London Hotel where her parents and their attorney were going to meet her.  In fact the parents had made arrangements with the car service to take her to a Pasadena hospital instead … where their lawyer, Tamar Arminak, was waiting with doctors.

We’re told doctors placed her on a 5150 psychiatric hold, where she will be held for 72 hours. That hold can be extended for 14 days, and we’re told during that time there will be a move to get another conservatorship.

The video over at TMZ of Amanda arriving at LAX is insane, too – she goes on some rant (while giving the peace sign and posing for paparazzi photos) about how she’s a multi-millionaire and one of the smartest girls on the face of the earth and that she wishes Britney Spears’ father was her father and all of this. The girl needs SERIOUS help.

Oh, but as for how Sam Lufti is involved in this, he’s apparently the one who orchestrated this whole thing with Amanda’s parents. Amanda apparently only trusts him, and he convinced her to fly back to LA, somehow or other.

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Amanda Bynes says her father molested her, then takes it back

amanda bynes

I honestly have no idea what to make of Amanda Bynes‘ Twitter rant which appeared on her official account yesterday morning. It was a long-winded schpiel in which she made some intense accusations – the main one being that she has been sexually molested and abused by her father for most of her life. It was… disturbing, to say the least:

amanda bynes twitter

amanda bynes twitter

amanda bynes twitter

amanda bynes twitter

amanda bynes twitter

Whoa – what the hell? These are SERIOUS accusations which need immediate investigation, right? Except a few hours later, Amanda popped back on to Twitter to take it all back.

Uh… WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE? Either she’s more mentally ill than we thought, or… well, she is more mentally ill than we though. The investigation will need to take place, clearly, because she did make those accusations (which her mother, via their lawyer, has vehemently denied) – but anyone who then says something about being microchipped is in need of serious help.

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Amanda Bynes twerks on her bodyguard, strips in public

amanda bynes bodyguard

Another day, another “please get Amanda Bynes out of New York City for the good of us all” story. We already know she’s been spending her spare time shoplifting, but now there’s video of her in the Upper East Side boutique Pookie & Sebastian (you’re so weird with naming things, rich people) and it’s… bizarre, to say the least. In the vid, she strips down to her bra in the middle of the shop AND twerks on her bodyguard.

From the NY Daily News:

Well, that was… interesting. What the hell is wrong with her “friends” and the people who care about her? I know she’s an adult and there’s only so much they can do, but really? Why does it seem like no one’s doing anything at all?!

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Amanda Bynes caught shoplifting twice in one day

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes has been living it up in New York City, it seems – wearing band-aids on her face, announcing fake engagements, clawing fans on the arm and now shoplifting… twice in a day!

From TMZ:

According to our sources, employees at Pookie & Sebastian began following Bynes around the store because she was acting suspicious. We’re told they didn’t recognize it was Amanda, and just thought she was a “half-naked, homeless crackhead.”

Customers tell us Bynes was dancing and muttering about plastic surgery — but eventually she tried to bolt with a shirt stuffed between her arms. When an employee stopped her and asked if she was going to pay, Amanda said … “Do I really have to buy this?”

The answer, of course, was yes — and we’re told Bynes was actually cooperative … whipping out a credit card to cover the $128.

Earlier in the day, she was accused of stealing a $200 hat from Barney’s since, you know, she put it on her head and then tried walking out of the store with it on without paying for it. In the real world, we call that stealing. In Amanda’s world, it’s a misunderstanding.

“I was walking out of the store to get my handbag out of the car,” Bynes, 28, told PEOPLE on the phone Wednesday. “I had been harassed by a man – a man and this woman were basically trying to take my picture inside the store, and so I asked them to stop taking it, but they wouldn’t … They were like paparazzi but undercover.”

Bynes says one of the security guards knew she was leaving and would be back but that there was a miscommunication with another guard.

“I walked out of the store, and the sensor went off,” she says. “I didn’t realize I was wearing my cap. And the cap – I was purchasing it, and I was actually still shopping.”

Bynes also confirms the store asked her not to return. “I basically just had to leave,” she says. “They said, ‘Please, just don’t shop at Barneys anymore.’ But oh well. It’s fine.”

Yeah, except when you’re going to get your purse, you don’t take the merchandise you haven’t paid for with you. You get your wallet and then you come back in and pay for it, and THEN you get to take it. That’s the way shopping works.

Then again, this is just another example of why it’s so disastrous for this girl to be off her meds – she’s obviously mentally ill, thinking that “undercover” paparazzi are trying to follow her (especially when she purposely invites that attention half the time, anyway). It’s such a shame, but this is all just going to keep going further and further downhill.

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Amanda Bynes went crazy and clawed a fan in NYC

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes is currently off her meds and haunting New York City with her bizarre behaviour, and it seems things took an even stranger (and violent) turn on Monday night at an event held at the Gilded Lily nightclub in Chelsea, where she apparently went crazy on a fan who got too close.

From TMZ:

Multiple sources tell TMZ … Amanda showed up by herself to an event at the Gilded Lily nightclub Monday night in Chelsea. We’re told she was dancing alone, wearing sunglasses and keeping to herself … until random people started taking photos.

At first, Amanda was just yelling at the fans … but we’re told she finally snapped on one woman who claims Bynes spun toward her violently, scratching her neck and arms. Despite the alleged attack … the woman tells us she’s still a fan and doesn’t plan to press charges.

There are pictures of the fan’s injuries at the source, and they are pretty visible. No idea what the hell made her go violent, but if she’s losing it like that on a fan and she’s still walking around unmedicated, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets more seriously hurt, I feel. Countdown to her next 5150 hold starts now…

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Amanda Bynes Hits NYC Acting Strangely


Poor Amanda Bynes. It looks like this is just the beginning of a whole new downfall. The actress was spotted in NYC with a huge bandage on her face (above), and was acting strangely. Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

Amanda Bynes puffed a Camel cigarette on the streets of NYC Friday evening … then rolled into the Cartier store wearing sweatpants … and the situation continues to be desperate with no happy resolution.

Bynes — sporting a bandage under her eye — walked around the Upper East Side Friday before hitting up the fancy jewelry store.

Doesn’t look like she bought anything … as she left the store, undercover.

We spoke with multiple people who saw Amanda in Union Square last night as well … and they say she seemed very paranoid. They also tells us she was speaking to inanimate objects like a tree.

Damn. :( This is not good. I think what upsets me the most is the report that she was talking to a tree. Anything else, the bandage on her face, the shopping, that’s all whatever — it can be summed up as no big deal, but talking to trees seems like kind of a big deal, honestly.

I guess no one can help her unless she poses a threat to her safety or the safety of others, and it’s a shame it has to come to that point. I really, really hope this works out for the best, but to be honest, I just don’t see that happening. Do you guys?

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