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Alyson Hannigan

Is Alyson Hannigan Pregnant?

A photo of Alyson Hannigan

Ok, there are a lot of instances in which tons and tons of sites will run some photos of some innocent little starlet after a big lunch with the announcement that the girl is pregnant. And I don’t want to do that. I don’t think it helps anyone’s self esteem to see that, and I don’t want to be presumptuous. But this time, I’m throwing all caution to the wind.


See that little picture above? That could be a baby bump, right? It could be another edition to Alyson’s incredibly adorable family. Her daughter could have a little baby brother or sister, we could get more precious pictures of a happy, pregnant Alyson, and I could carry on continuing living in my happy place where Buffy is real and Tara never died and she and Willow have babies. Everyone wins in this scenario.

What do you guys think? Is that just a food baby or could it be the real deal?

Image courtesy of E! Online

Here’s Some American Reunion Stills!

photo of chris klein and jason biggs on the set of american reunion pictures photos trailer

Can you guys seriously believe that American Pie came out twelve years ago? TWELVE YEARS AGO. It was on television the other night and I happened to catch, like, the last twenty minutes of it and it took me way, way back. I was sixteen when the movie came out and it seems like it was just yesterday. Frightening, really, how fast the time has gone since 1999.

Either way, it’s pretty awesome that they’re making a reunion movie, because not only will it be fun to reminisce over with old friends, it’s giving Tara Reid and Chris Klein the only jobs they’ve had in years. You just know that’s the mark of a good movie: one that serves multiple purposes, you know?

Were the American Pie movies (well, at least the first one anyway, they all kind of sucked hard after the first one) an integral part of your adolescence, too?

I’m Secretly Kind of In Love With Alyson Hannigan, I Think

She’s pictured above with her adorable family out and about while celebrating some birthdays.  Both Hannigan and her daughter celebrated their birthdays yesterday and oddly enough, Hannigan’s mother and grandmother before also shared a birthday.  Bizarre.

I just love this girl — she seems so normal and down to earth and hell, she’s got an easy way of smiling and that’s something that I totally dig.

I actually caught the only and only episode that I’ve ever seen of How I Met Your Mother the other night while I was folding some laundry in the bedroom and I have to say, the lady’s pretty witty, too. She’s come a long way from the uber-band geek in American Pie.

I know there’s a lot of celebrities that I do rag on (and in my opinion, for damn good reason), but Alyson is one that you’ll never hear me say a bad thing about.  Well, unless she starts partying with Lindsay Lohan or shaking her bare lady bits all over Hollywood and then, man, all bets are off.

Alyson Hannigan Welcomes a Little She-Devil


Alyson Hannigan finally had that baby!

The girl is named Satyana Denisof and was born March 24 in Los Angeles, which also happens to be Hannigan’s birthday. “They’re very excited, and mom and baby are doing great,” says the rep.

Now that is an awesome name. It’s like if you combined “Satan” and “Tatyana.” Brilliant. A+ on the naming, kids.

My birthday is March 24, too, and it’s endlessly being brought to my attention that Alyson and I share a birthday. So now I also share a birthday with Little Baby Satan. My evil heart is delighted by this.

Congrats, kids!

It’s Baby Season!

hannigan and denisof 270209

We seem to be rolling into that time of year where it feels like every celebrity’s carrying a human in their tummy.

Up now: Alyson Hannigan, who was spotted strolling with her hubby, Alexis Denisof, in Santa Monica yesterday. Alyson’s due this spring.

I’m still pretty far off from having a human in my tummy, but I was re-watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua on DVD tonight, for a review I’m writing, and I had my own little chihuahua sitting right next to me and my kitties perched on the chairs around the living room, and I remembered that I am DEFINITELY a mother. I swear my little animal children are the cutest things on the planet. And they didn’t even stretch out my vagina when they were born! Totally perfect little family.