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Alicia Witt

That’s Hot

Leelee Sobieski and Alicia Witt vamp it up at the Las Vegas premiere of 88 Minutes. I just don’t like Leelee. I don’t know why. She always looks like she’s trying sooooo hard in pictures. It’s painful to see. I ::heart:: Alicia, though. I wish she’d stay away from Leelee.

I Love Alicia Witt

And it is out of that love that I feel obliged to mention that she needs a new stylist, or at least a new personal assistant. I have not been impressed with her fashion choices lately, and now she shows up with this terribly wrinkled dress. These tragedies are so, so avoidable, Alicia. At the Gen Art Film Festival launch party in NYC.

She Sings, Too!!!

I love Alicia Witt!!!! As I’ve said before, she is single-handedly making Law and Order: Criminal Intent watchable again. (Fuck Vincent D’Onofrio.) Here she is singing and playing piano at The Bitter End in NYC. Is there anything this chick can’t do?

Alicia Witt is Going on Safari

Okay. Love Alicia Witt. Hate the outfit. She’s single-handedly making Law & Order: Criminal Intent watchable again. Her character is kind of like a female Vincent D’Onofrio, except you don’t want to tear your hair out and eat it every time she shows up on the screen. This dress, though? Blech.

I Have an Alicia Witt Problem

I do. I don’t understand it. She hasn’t had a major role since, like, Dune (nah, I’m kidding, it was since Cybill), but I get so excited whenever I see pictures of her. She’s just so damn cute. I’ve had a crush on her forever. You know what I think it is? I think it’s the red hair. I think I have a thing for...