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Alex Wolff

See, This is Why These Kids Go Crazy

Alex Wolff at a CD Signing for The Naked Brothers Band, Pictures, Photos

Alex Wolff on an Elevator, Pictures, Photos, Naked Brothers Band CD Signing in NYC

Nine-year-old Alex Wolff, from the hit Nickelodeon series/movie The Naked Brothers Band, descends an escalator at a CD signing in NYC, followed by photogs and camera crews.

It just feels like such an iconic image to me.

He’s nine.

And it is all I can do to stop myself from making a bitchy comment about his shoes.

How can one possibly expect a nine-year-old kid thrust into this sort of fame to develop a comprehensive and realistic picture of the way the world actually operates? These kids are all destined to go crazy. On the flip side, I am kind of excited for when he starts banging Elle Fanning.