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Cameron Diaz Feeds Her Baby Boyfriend at The Super Bowl

Ugh, if there’s one thing that grosses me out (beside Miley boning Amy Winehouse’s ex and photos of a shirtless Justin Bieber,) it’s couples hanging off each other in public. And if they feed each other? Forget about it. I once stopped speaking to a man because he tried to put a piece of cake in my mouth at a birthday party. Do I look like some sort of animal? Save that stuff for private/never, champ.

I’m sure you can only imagine how repulsed I am after seeing this footage of Cameron Diaz chompin’ on some popcorn as she shoves a handful of it into the mouth of her rumored boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez.

Do you guys agree that feeding your “lover” (barf) in public is tacky as all hell, or am I just one of those people that’s going to fail that KY Intimacy Experiment hard?

Kate Hudson Broke Up With a Boyfriend and He Didn’t Attempt Suicide

Alex Rodriguez

As we saw last week, Kate Hudson was being awfully weird when asked questions about who we all presumed to be her boyfriend, New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. Turns out she wasn’t giggling to protect herself or the guy or even her kid. She was just laughing nervously because the they totally broke up. I’d be laughing nervously too if the last dude I dated tried to kill himself after I broke his heart.

“Insiders” (whatever the hell that means) spilled the details of the break-up to

A-Rod partied at Wall Lounge in the W Hotel Friday night, Dec. 11, “with two women,” said our source. “He was acting VERY single, and Kate Hudson was definitely not there.”  Another insider confirms that Alex was with other women in Miami.

The source also said, “Kate and A-Rod broke up.”

Meanwhile, Kate was spotted dining at Pure Food and Wine in Manhattan on Friday night Dec. 11, where one spy said, “Kate was there with her son, Ryder, but spent the entire evening talking on her cell phone.” And Kate was “all smiles” while having brunch with friends at Prime Meats in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY on Saturday, Dec. 12.

But on Saturday, A-Rod was at the Armani Exchange “Cool Shades of Style” dinner at the Solarium above the Delano Hotel.  And once again, no sign of Kate!

Um, that kinda just sounds to me like they’re not hanging out for a weekend, but the source claims that Kate and A-Rod are “totally over”. Did anyone expect for this to be more than a summer romance, anyway?

Kate Hudson Giggled Like a School Girl Throughout Letterman’s A-Rod Questions

It’s definitely a pretty well known fact that Kate Hudson made Owen Wilson attempt suicide is dating New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, but last night on Letterman she dodged all of questions about their relationship and instead, just giggled. It was kind of adorable and as Letterman pointed out, she seemed exactly like her mother.

Eventually the clip starts to get awkward as Kate refuses to directly answer any of Dave’s questions. He starts to seem like her nagging uncle who wants to know about her love life and she starts to just seem… a little annoying? She spent the summer being photographed with A-Rod and attending every Yankee game and she can’t just say “Yeah, he’s my boyfriend?”