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Alana Lee

Oh, Christ. Is This The New Rebecca Black?

Ark Music Factory, the same company that produced Rebecca Black‘s “Friday,” has struck semi-gold once again with another on of their clients. This time it’s 14-year-old Alana Lee’s “Butterflies.”

Never heard of her? Well then you’re probably not Australian. “Butterflies,” with absolutely zero promotion or radio play, is slowly crawling up the Australian iTunes charts and is currently the 124th most sold single this week. That might not sound particularly impressive, but as PopTrashAddicts pointed out, Kylie Minoge‘s latest record didn’t even crack the top 200. And she’s like, from there.

For some reason this song offends me so much less than “Friday” does and (kill me) I actually think the video is pretty cute. You know, for what it is.

What do you think of this track? Is it better or worse than Rebecca Black’s song and do you think that either of these “artists” have potential to stick around past their first hit?