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Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon Has a Wardrobe Malfunction

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You guys remember Adrienne Bailon, right? That Cheetah Girl thing and, you know, ? Yup, she’s back in the headlines again for flashing her vadge to the masses. Surprise! Nothing like a good look at a labia to stir up some publicity – just ask Britney Spears. Or Lindsay Lohan. Or Paris Hilton, who’s shown us enough flap to last a lifetime. She’s expended her ladybit-flashing allowance, and aren’t we thankful for that?

This is Adrienne Bailon, walking the red carpet for Caesar’s Entertainment ‘Escape to Total Rewards’ event in New York City. And no, I don’t know what that is, either, but it’s apparently something that I could probably get invited to, also, since it’s Adrienne Bailon we’re talking about, who hasn’t been relevant for quite a few years now and is only making headlines because of said exposed vagina.

I want you guys to know how hard I have to work occasionally on getting you guys the raw, uncensored stuff. I must have searched for, oh, a whole ten minutes for the image of Adrienne Bailon’s mesh-covered ladybits, and much to my surprise, I was successful. You can check out the photo, which is after the cut, because it’s obviously NSFW.

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That Kardashian Bro Cheated on that Cheetah Girl

I don’t know why this is affecting me, but it is. I normally don’t cover the K-dash beat, but for some reason I find this really upsetting and newsworthy. So, if you’ve seen Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you know that little brother Rob was dating Adrienne Bailon, that really adorable girl who was in 3LW and that Disney Channel movie Cheetah Girls. While I always found Rob to kind of be a weird lookin’ dude with a head full of stuffing, I always thought that there must be something redeemable if he landed her. She just seems like a nice, adorable chick. Then we found out on last night’s episode that the two of them are dunzo because Rob cheated on her. What?!

From PopCrunch:

Adrienne’s devotion to her career and Rob’s hectic school schedule have also been cited as mitigating factors causing the breakup. Adrienne created quite a stir in November 2008, when nude photographs she snapped for Rob were splashed on the Internet. Despite rumors of a leak, the singer claimed innocence, insisting that the photographs were taken from a laptop stolen while she was coming off a flight at New York’s JFK Airport.

Rob, 22, did not provide any details on who he was unfaithful with, although he was romantically-linked to adult film star Lisa Ann (of Nailin’ Paylin fame) as recently as November. Adrienne, for her part, has moved on. The 26-year-old New York native is currently dating an unidentified man, who she was seen texting throughout last night’s show.

God forbid any woman associated with the Kardashian family be truly career-minded, right? How sad, not to mention disgusting, that he cheated on her with a porn star. Does anyone want to think about Rob Kardashian getting sexed by a porn star? Probably no one except Rob Kardashian.

I’m sad, you guys. I liked them together. It’s so hard when people break up.