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Robin Thicke Is Trying To Stick It In You Again

robin thicke

Robin Thicke made what was arguably the song of the year with ‘Blurred Lines’, a nice, family-friendly little ditty in which he politely informs a woman that she definitely wants The D, even if she’s pretty sure she doesn’t. Now he’s back with another assault on your senses (and possibly your genitals) with ‘Give It 2 U’ – an anthem informing you once again that even if you’d rather not, you’re getting it anyway.

The new remix video featuring 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar has been released, and it’s here just for you. Luckily, Robin’s no longer dressed like a Foot Locker employee who you’ve asked nine times for a size 7 of those Chuck Taylors, only to be told he’s “working on it”. He is in a pinstripe suit, though, so take that as you will. Also, please try not to let your love of Kendrick Lamar diminish because he was stupid enough to take part in this travesty.

I seriously wonder what’s wrong with Robin Thicke. Is he not jerking off enough? Does he have a sex addiction? Someone shed some light.



2 Chainz Gets Arrested By Police, Then Asked For Photos

I don’t really get 2 Chainz, but I know I love him. He seems to spend a lot of time maxin’ and relaxin’, and I must be right about that because he was arrested in Maryland on Thursday after a routine speeding stop for marijuana possession. Hilariously, the police who took him into custody wanted pictures, and 2 Chainz himself also tweeted/Instagrammed one of the resulting photos.

From E Online:

Sgt. Marc Black, a spokesman for the Maryland State Police, told E! News that a van carrying 2 Chainz (real name: Tauheed Epps) was first stopped for going 79 in a 55 mile-per-hour zone. “Upon approaching the van, an odor of marijuana was smelled coming from the vehicle,” Black explained. “A probable cause search was executed and a backpack was found with a grinder and trace evidence of marijuana.”

From there, the rapper “took ownership for the backpack and was arrested,” said Black. “There were seven other people in the car, but he was the only one arrested.”

He was then transported and released with a criminal citation. He had two charges: Possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

According to the police, 2 Chainz was “cooperative.”

Well, I imagine he was cooperative since he probably wanted to, you know, get out of jail and not face further charges for resisting arrest or whatever. On a serious note, it was pretty inappropriate for law enforcement professionals to interrupt a legal process for a fan photo. I’ve seen Whole Foods cashiers get fired for asking Salt from Salt ‘n’ Pepa for her autograph, and she probably welcomed the attention. This is just a bit much.