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Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s iconic collar is on the auction block


Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away back in September of 2020.  And now, on the 2 year anniversary of her passing Bonhams auction house is helping sell some of her most precious belongings.

Cheif among them is one of her insanely famous collars that she wore with her judge robe every day while presiding on the supreme court.

I was SHOCKED when I saw that Bonhams had estimated this iconic symbol of feminine history to sell for $3,000 – $5,000! I mean this is one of the most cherished items… especially to those who were inspired by RBG in the end of her life, while on the front lines of feminine protest during 2017’s woman march in DC.

Thankfully the bidders swiped on that and the current bid is $55,000.

There are several other items of interest for history collectors.  Ruths famous lace gloves are up for sale as well as her gavel. I mean that’s pretty wild.  To own RBG’s gavel???

Check out all the items at the Bonhams auction site.