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Alex Jones ordered to pay $4m to Sandy Hook Parents

I’m not sure just who all know Alex Jones, but he’s a known conspiracy theorist of the worst kind.  He spreads absolute bullshit over a podcast (since being thrown off tv and radio) that he knows is not true (his ex-wife said in the past that he makes it all up) to get the mentally ill to rise up in fear and support him financially.

One of his longest cons has been saying that the horrific mass shooting of little kids at the Sandy Hook School in December 2012 was not real.  That it was a bunch of “crisis actors” whose job it is to make it seem like shootings are real, so democrats can ban guns.

It was EXTREMELY offensive and hurtful to those who lost a child or mother or friend that day.

Now, after a painful hearing, a judge has determined Alex must pay the parents of a 6 year old boy murdered that day for repeatedly calling his death a hoax.

There’s still a lot to sort out financally.  The jury is still deciding what Alex will owe in punitive damages as well.  And yesterday in a courtroom he acknowledge the Sandy Hook shooting was 100% real.  So I’m interested to hear if he goes back on that on his podcast.  And if he does, will there be further penalties to him based on this verdict?

To be seen.