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First Look: Trailer for Marilyn Monroe film “Blonde”

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in “Blonde”

If possible, Marilyn Monrose is more famous today than she was in the late 50’s when she was at the height of her career.  So in response, here comes another bio pic.

This time starring Ana de Armas as the adored and misunderstood Marilyn in the new movie “Blonde”.

The NC-17-rated film is based on Joyce Carol Oates’s bestselling novel and reimagines the life of Norma Jeane, looking at her public and private personas. So while de Armas looks spot on and glamorous as the famous blonde — and her Cuban accent replaced with a breathy whisper à la Monroe— the trailer gets dark and intense showing snippets of the bombshell’s well-documented struggles before her death in 1962.

Here’s a first look: