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Angie Everhart accused of egging neighbor’s house

Lol Whaaa?   Angie Everhart, if you didn’t know, was part of a fleet of supermodels from the 1990’s that blew the doors off all those who came before them.

She hit the Sports Illustraited Swim Suit issue multiple times and in 2000 she graced the cover of Playboy, just before it dropped into oblivion.

Now she seems to be getting up to shenanigans and I low key love it.

A woman named Christina Savar says Angie yelled at her kids because their dog’s barking kept her up all night.  I yell over that too. If the dog is in the yard barking, BRING HIM IN! He doesn’t want to be there. You shit pet owner.

Anyway, This created a feud among neighbors.

Savar further claimed that at around 1 a.m. that same day, her doorbell was rung, but she refused to answer it and the next morning she discovered egg yolk and shells all over her front door and balcony.

She told Cops she suspected Angie.

However, TMZ reports Angie denies any participation.

“The woman got an eviction notice from the building because of all of the complaints against her,” the rep told us. “Angie had Covid and the dogs of her neighbor never stopped barking from morning to night.”