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Ed Sheeran Awarded $1.1m After Winning Plagiarism Suit

Back in April, Ed Sheeran won a lawsuit that alleged he plagiarized his hit song “The Shape of You” from Chokri and O’Donoghue’s song “Oh Why.”

Since then the judge has gone a step furth in stating the accusers must pay the over $1 million in legal fees accrued fighting the case, arguing that they didn’t provide documents and “demonstrated ‘awkwardness and opacity,'” according to the BBC.

“I consider it is appropriate that the claimants’ success is reflected in an order that their costs are paid by the defendants, without reduction save for that which is made as part of the process of detailed assessment,” said the judge, who reportedly awarded the trio an interim payment of £916,200, which equates to about $1.12 million.