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Shanna Moakler sells wedding ring from Travis Barker

I remember when Travis and Shanna first got divorced.  She had a big party in Vegas, complete with a cake with a dead little guy on it.  And I remember Travis stating that he thought it was tacky and he wouldn’t be celebrating the end of a marriage that brought him his wonderful kids.

Yikes. Way to pee on my parade.

Well a decade later and Shanna is still finding ways to kill that marriage.

For several days, customers could bid on a 4-carat round cut solitaire diamond ring on the Worthy auction site. On May 31, the auction came to a close after 17 bids with the winner scoring the bling for $96,500.

According to Shanna, the ring was worth about $160,000 and she was hoping to see a final bid of at least $120,000.

“I think it is a beautiful piece and truly was my dream ring,” Shanna, 47, told Us Weekly. “However, that chapter of my life is over and even though wearing it at one time brought me great joy, I hope it will find a new home and continue to bring someone as much happiness as it once did to me. It’s truly an iconic ring!”

Yea, it sounds like a really lucky ring.

Oh, here’s her divorce cake, lol.