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Johnny Depp Officially Out as Jack Sparrow

Jerry Bruckheimer, Producer of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film series has made a statement about the future of Jack Sparrow.

Jerry was talking to The Sunday Times when he was asked if Johnny Depp would reprise his lead role ing the film…  “Not at this point,” he said when asked about Depp. “The future is yet to be decided.”

Instead, the 78-year-old Bruckheimer said he’s trying to rebuild the nearly two-decades-old “Pirates” franchise around a new protagonist, ideally played by Margot Robbie. “We’re developing two ‘Pirates’ scripts. One with her, one without,” he said.

Bruckheimer says that despite his hopes for Margot, the execs are still pushing top males.

“Marvel and DC still want a really strong actor.”

“I still get the same list of ten men the studios want in a movie. You still get Tom [Cruise], Leonardo [DiCaprio]. Get one of these big names and you’ve got a good shot at getting a movie made,” Bruckheimer said, adding Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth as other actors he sees as bankable stars, though when it comes to women, he says that it is “just not that strong a list yet,” Robbie notwithstanding.

So more to see, but it seems Depp is out.