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Fred Savage “Knows he’s an asshole” according to source

Fred Savage, who most know as Kevin Arnold from the 90’s show, The Wonder Years, isn’t speaking about his recent firing from the reboot of The Wonder Years.  But others are.

So Fred was fired for “inappropriate behavior”.  Which most of us immediately associate with sexual aggression.  But in Fred’s case it seems to be more about what a dick he is on set.

Fred is the director of the show (and many other shows) and people are saying he is a real asshole on set.

The claims about the actor’s ‘self-reflection’ come after other sources opened up to People about his ‘temper’, alleging that Savage is ‘quick to anger’ and that he is prone to ‘occasional outbursts’ on-set when he is directing.

An insider added to the outlet that Savage is partial to overshooting scenes, which puts crews under more pressure, leads to longer days and gives him ‘more opportunities to snap at people.’

However, despite Savage being axed from The Wonder Years reboot, those close to the situation claim that he still has ‘overwhelming support’ from his friends on-set, and is also being ‘fully supported’ by his wife, Jennifer Lynn Stone, with whom he shares three children.

‘Fred has really taken this issue very seriously and is doing a lot of self-reflection about how he could and should have handled different circumstances better,’ insiders told Page Six.