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Jeopardy! fans say they want Mayim Bialik out as host

I guess no one anticipated the replacement of Alex Trebek to be so difficult and full of controversy.

They’ve had hosts ousted for sexual harassment claims, they’ve tried having a new host almost monthly and now we’re settled on two hosts, highest winning contestant Ken Jennings and actress Mayim Bialik.

And now that’s caused some issue with fans either not happy with how exuberant Mayim is as a host, (she makes it a little too game showy) to even the clothes she wears being too…. extra.

So TVInsider took a poll once and for all and found that a resounding 70% would rather have Ken Jennings as host and end this nonsense already.

Jennings recently left his gig as a Chaser on ABC‘s The Chase, sparking some fans to wonder whether it’s a sign of things to come for his future with Jeopardy!.