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Colin Kaepernick releases childrens book

Colin Kaepernick is one of my personal heroes.  Besides, IMO, being the catalyst for a world wide movement hell bent on making humanity equal, he did so by risking everything.  He also did so by means of passive/peaceful protest. Meaning he harmed NO ONE.

So who better to pass on wisdom to the next gen than a man with a clear focus on right and wrong.

In a new autobiographical book, he remembers kids asking, “Why are you the only brown one in your family?” and “Why did you color yourself different?” Kaepernick, who is biracial and adopted by White parents, drew them in yellow crayon and himself in brown.

Kaep teamed up with illustrator Eric Wilkerson to make the book to help convey the feel of the story.

“Every scene that he was in, I wanted there to be this warm, happy color around him,” Wilkerson said, adding that Kaepernick was involved in “every stage” of the project.

“It is his story. This is an event that happened in his life,” Wilkerson said.

I could honestly cry. This book is so sweet.