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Raven Symoné lost 40lbs with help from wife Miranda

Raven Symoné has taken back her health and happiness with the help of her wife, Miranda.

The 36 year old has struggled with her weight her entire life and was feeling concerned about the health risks often associated with excess body fat.

“What made me want to change was her,” she said, pointing to wife Miranda Pearman-Maday, 34, who was with Raven when she appeared on The View Wednesday morning.

“I want to be here for her as long as I can. I found out some numbers at the doctor that were not pleasant for someone in my age bracket or any age bracket, to be honest with you.”

She added that with Pearman-Maday’s “help, and guidance, and love, and fantastic cooking skills — which everyone here knows — she helped me kick sugar.”

“I say kick sugar because it is an addictive drug,” Symoné continued.

“I was addicted to it in wheat form, in regular form, and it’s out of my system,” she said, before joking that she also consumed sugar “in fish filet with an extra packet of ketchup — two on Fridays!”

After co-host Joy Behar pointed out, “You lost a lot of weight,” Symoné was reluctant at first to share just how much. However, she said, “I’ll tell you the numbers. When I ended this show [in 2016] and I started Raven’s Home, I was 210 lbs. I am now 170.”

Outstanding! Video of the interview is below.

Raven and wife Miranda earlier this year.