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Nick Cannon’s talk show canceled


Credit: Nick Cannon/Debmar-Mercury

It was a short lived six months, but Nick Cannon is officially down one job.  Which is fine. The man has like eleven gigs.

Cannons show is part of a really troubled line up.  His show followed Wendy Williams show, which was also officially canceled recently.   Word is a new show hosted by Jennifer Hudson is going to replace the hour Cannons show was in.

His show reportedly held steady at a .4 rating in the demo, which equates to around 400,000 viewers. A source said about those numbers, “You can’t survive with those ratings. That’s Bethenny Frankle and Kris Jenner talk show rating territory- it didn’t end well for their shows either.”

DAMN! lol way to come after Bethenny and Kris lol.

Hudson recently to Hollywood Reporter what she brought to the talk show table and said; “I have experienced so much in my life; I’ve seen the highest of the highs, the lowest of the lows, and just about everything in between but as my mother always told me, ‘Once you think you’ve seen it all, just keep on living,”