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Lindsay Lohan joins Tiktok, looks great!


Lindsay Lohan is slowly dipping her toe back into the waters of social media.  She’s joined my favorite past time, tiktok!  And you know what? She looks great!

Lindsay looks healthy and happy after announcing her arrival to the video app a week ago.

Then this weekend I’m watching Parent Trap and who do I see on tiktok memeing that very movie, but the star herself! Lohan!

Lohan looked fresh faced as she lip synced a line from the movie where her British character says “The difference between you and me is I have class and you don’t.”  Sounds like Lindsay was enjoying her own movie on a Sunday night in.

Lindsay is rumored to be starring in the new Real Housewives of Dubai, although there has been no confirmation on that.


@lindsaylohan you heard it here first. #theparenttrap ? original sound – MD


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