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Brad Pitt sues Angelina Jolie over winery

Brad Pitt and his winemaking partner Marc Perrin at Château Miraval

The break up that just wont stop!  Brad Pitt and ex wife Angelina Jolie can not stop fighting and finding reasons to end up in court.  Although this time it involves the Russians. Sort of.

Brad and Angie owned French estate, Château Miraval, together since before they were married. They paid $28.4 million for it in 2008.  It’s where they were married in 2014.

The 35-room mansion is surrounded by lush gardens with a moat, fountains, aqueducts, a pond, a chapel, and a vineyard.  Which Brad has invested a great deal of money in.

Angelina apparently didn’t want to work along side Pitt anymore and sold her half of the place to Russian businessman Yuri Shefler.

Pitt’s lawsuit contends he had no idea she was doing this.  He’d likely have bought her out or looked into other options.

“She sold her interest with the knowledge and intention that Shefler and his affiliates would seek to control the business to which Pitt had devoted himself and to undermine Pitt’s investment in Miraval.”

Plus, “The purported sale deprives Pitt of his right to enjoy his private home and to oversee the business he developed from scratch.”

Pitt developed the vineyard at Miraval into a multimillion-dollar business and one of the world’s top producers of rosé wine.

So it should be really interesting to see what sort of restitution he’s seeking and what he’ll be awarded. I think he has a case.  No way her sale should be done without his consent as well.

Château Miraval