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Is Kanye spreading STD rumors about Pete Davidson?


Things were borderline fun in the squabbling between Kanye and whoever was willing to listen.  He was writing rap lyrics about Kim dating Pete Davidson and how now he’s got to ‘beat Pete Davidson’.  Meanwhile he’s getting his girlfriend’s face in front of every pap in every nation.   So who’s instigating what?

But this goes well beyond too far.  Allegedly.

Sources close to Davidson confirm what DJ Akademiks claimed earlier this week, “Kanye’s been telling everybody within earshot” that Pete has AIDS.

Is this true? I dont know, but it’s so despicable I would sue over it regardless. Tho I have a feeling Pete is to chill for that.

According to TMZ; “Kanye’s claim has made for a few awkward phone calls between Pete and mutual friends he has with Kanye — who are confused and disturbed by the childish behavior.”

So we’ll see what comes of all this. I’m ready to Cancel Kanye if my pop culture overlords demand it.